Heat fans perspective on the series so far.

I am 36 and was a huge C's fan during the 80's (before Miami was awarded a franchise) when they were battling the Lakers back in the day. I  have been reading some of the blogs and want to put my 2 cents in. I look at the series so far and I see one team outworking the other and being more aggressive than the other. No need to read any more into it than that. I believe the difference is physical ability. The heat are a younger team and have 2 of the most dominant players in the league let alone the series. It has nothing to do with lack of effort, determination, will or urgency. In life in general if you get out worked than you loose. Have you ever tried to do something that you use to be able to be capable and your mind told you yes but your body said no? This is what's happening to Boston right now.


One major problem for the C's is Rondos play. Let me be the first to inform you that Rondo is an above average player but not an elite player. I know he made the allstar team, but he's not a bonified allstar capable of consistently leading a team. Elite players  have off games, not off months. His playoff numbers generally go up all the way across the board which is why he is so important to the Celtics attack. So far he is playing like he was in that month and a half stretch toward the end of the season.


The other issue is the foul call disparity. To see why this is lopsided, I think you have to look at what the teams averaged during the regular season. I would say that 82 games is a pretty fair sample-size. The heat were 3rd in the league and Boston was 24th. A am not going to deny that Wade and James don't get allstar treatment at times, but they are allstars that relentlessly attack the basket every chance they get. Other than Rondo which is a pass first penetrator, who else do the C's have that can draw fouls? Unless you have a rash of foul calls on jump shooters, you better hope that the C's start playing with more aggression.


The last thing I would like to address and is by far the most ridiculous theory is "the fix is in" conspiracy theory. When thinking rationally, which is more likely? That Stern and the league are assuring that the officials make every attempt to insure that the Heat face the now 0-2 Lakers in the finals or that the Heat have simply been a better team to this point? How do you explain the Spurs being knocked out in the first round? Are the grizzlies a rating juggernaut? Fans keep saying that the C's are not playing hard enough, that they are playing poorly, that they are allowing themselves to be defeated. Just remember that when your team plays poorly that your teams opponent has something to do with it. Saying that the C's are playing poorly is playing the result.


I think it's a combination of everything above. Either way, it's a whole lot of problems to address in not a whole lot of time. How do you address the effects of father time?


P.S. make Wade and James drive right. That's the most ridiculous notion I have ever heard. Both players can finish with either hand on either side of the basket. That's one of the many things that makes both such a difficult cover. Don't be parrots and repeat everything you hear these analysts say and take it as fact.


Prospects of the Celtics winning 4 out of 5? Not very good. I have tempered enthusiasm in the position the heat is right now because I remember my heat being down to the mavs 0-2 and then wade took over the series. You don't have a wade, but you do have the players that can collectively turn things around. We will see where things go from here.

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