What other center will the C's seek to add to the roster?

Ok with the news this week that Shaq has retired and J.O. is returning we know the C's will have at least one center going into next year.

Now for the sake of debate and make things more fun lets assume the C's do not sign Krstic (for salary reasons or if he goes to Russia etc).

If this is the case the C's will need to acquire another center going into next year to help  J.O. out at the center position.

Now aside from Ainge possibly seeking to acquire a center by doing a straight up trade deal with another club or by drafting one in this years college draft ( which I hope he does because with J.O.'s health questions they will need a 3rd string center for insurance)  the C's best bet to acquire a center may probably be signing one of the many free agent centers that are currently available.

Now if Ainge seeks to acquire a center via free agency signing, the question will be who out of the the list of free agents available will he seek to sign?

I think who the C's seek to sign  will depend alot on if Ainge will seek to acquire a high tier, long term center, who will be able to play center for several years or more or if he will seek to acquire a lower tier, short term, stop gap center who would be signed to a 1 year contract to just play out next season.

Now if Ainge wants to go after a high tier, longer term center, though such centers would be expensive to acquire and would probably involve Ainge having to make a trade or two to free up cap space to afford them, if Ainge were to get bold and try to acquire one of them, the list of big name free agent centers he would have to choose from this off season would be: 

Marc Gasol
DeAndre Jordan
Tyson Chandler
Greg Oden
Samuel Dalembert

Though all the centers in the list above are quality centers, my 2 top picks from that list of high tier, long term centers would probably be Gasol and Chandler, though I would not mind to see Jordan wear Celtic green, due to his young age and potential upside .

Now if Ainge wants to go after a lower tier short term, stop gap  and less costly center (though it would be tough to sign some of them to short term 1 year deals)  he could try to go after the one of the following free agent big men centers this off season:

Yao Ming,  
Joel Przybilla,   
Spencer Hawes, 
Earl Barron

Tony Battie
Kyrylo Fesenko
Erick Dampier
Zydrunas Ilgauskas 

Jeff Foster 
Nazr Mohammed  
DeAndre Jordan
Kurt Thomas

Francisco Elson
Hilton Armstrong
Aaron Gray
Jamaal Magloire

Dan Gadzuric
Ryan Hollins
Kwame Brown
Theo Ratliff

Etan Thomas
Jason Collins
Eddy Curry
Hamed Haddadi

Alexis Ajinca
Kurt Thomas 

My top 2 picks for a lower tier, stop gap center from the above list would be Thomas and Pryzbilla, though I would not mind seeing Battie wearing Celtic green again.

It will be interesting to see if Ainge try's to go after one of the free agent centers listed above, who exactly he would seek to acquire and if he would seek to acquire a center for a long term fix or short term fix.

If Ainge does go after any of the above free agent centers, who would you like to see him acquire for "both" a short term and long term fix scenario?

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