a feasible plan for the C's this offseason (if ever the lockout ends)

Doc Rivers after the draft night already addressed the pickups that should be prioritized this offseason, a big man (preferably athlethic), a wing defender, and a shooter or a player that can create his own offense. But with our current salary situation, I think it would be difficult for any GM (even DA) to succeed with this plan. If the current CBA will be retained, we only have the MLE, the LLE, some vet min contracts, or even some rookie contracts to choose from. We should also consider the fact that Ainge will not risk to put the C's cap flexibility in jeopardy as it prepares for the 2012 free agency (I really hope DH realizes the he is destined to be the next BILL RUSSELL, not the next SHAQUILLE O'NEAL with the black mamba). 

So as the lockout began few days ago, (which means boring time for us avid nba and CELTIC fans), I've come up to deliberate some feasible moves that the C's may consider without hurting our cap flexibility for 2012.

First, DeAndre Jordan. We need a decent big man, that's an obvious issue. Forget about the Ainge-should-have-picked-jordan-instead-of-giddens, forget about his ft shooting (he will learn from our vets and even from our coaching staff, and besides he is not ben wallace). I know multiple articles have already been made for him as a complement player for the C's, which justifies that he really is good for the team. Care about his size, care about his defense and blocking ability, and most of all, care about his athleticism (we badly need that one). Although he is a restricted free agent,  I think we can split the MLE for him just like Chris Forsberg of the ESPN Boston Celtics suggested (see It is also an added point for us that we have a decent back up center in the eyes of DH come free agency to see that he will not be given so much time for the Center position just like in Magic. Because he is an RFA, it will be a long shot but nobody knows.

Second, JR Smith. Yeah I know he is a head case, but to our team like ours with full of vets, I think that would never be a problem. Delonte West was tamed and became an important player for us, who said he was a headcase? Smith can create his own offense, with a decent 3pt shooting, young (only 26 y/o)  and most of all has the needed athleticism (we badly need that one). He can score even with a small span of time, and has been a player who you could trust for the needed energy and offense coming off the bench. His athleticism can be converted to pesky defense, that's why in a battle of spot against jamaal crawford (who has been rumored to being interested with the C's before the lockout), I no doubt choose JR Smith. We can get Smith through the full MLE, then settle Jordan for the LLE. Or we can split the MLE for the two depending on the situation. I think with the convincing power of DA, and prescence of Doc, we can expect Smith leaning towards the Green Team.

Contingency Plan: If we cannot get Smith, we can settle for Michael Redd. Because of the injury issues that bugged him these last few years, I think the vets minimum will be enough for him. Boston is a championship contender team, and with a little convincing I don't see Redd declining our offer and not joining our squad to contend for that ring.

Thirdly, sign Delonte West, Jajuan Johnson, and Gilbert Brown. I have already stated that West is an important part of the team (only those injuries killed him), he has the toughness and tenacity that the C's are known for. Because of the departure of James Posey, Tony Allen, Kendrick Perkins and Brian Scalabrine (that's a joke), a great part of our toughness faded, and the intimidation level that we use against other teams significantly diminished. JJ and GBrown are potential and decent rookies that would answer our depth issues. With the proper guidance of our Big 4, these kids will become great NBA players in no time. JJ is a decent Big Man with decent perimeter shooting and defense (ala KG), while Gilbert Brown is known for his athleticism and great perimeter defense (ala Tony Allen, but with added 2 inches height and 3pt shooting! *41.3 3pt FG % in his senior year for Pitt, ranked #1 team in the NCAA). 

Doubtful Additions: E'twaun Moore and Big Baby Davis. Well for purposes of having draft rights with Moore, I would take the chance to sign him. But he is undersized in his position and nothing spectacular with his brand of play, making you doubt if we even take him. Well as for Big Baby, I don't need to explain that.

After all discussions, this would be our possible roster:

C DeAndre Jordan - Jermaine O'neal - vets min/rookie/d-league player

PF Kevin Garnett - Jajuan Johnson - vets min/rookie/d-league player

SF Jeff Green - Paul Pierce - vets min/rookie/d-league player

SG Ray Allen - JR SMith - Gilbert Brown

PG Rajon Rondo - Delonte West - Avery Bradley


A championship-caliber made team not hurting the cap flexibility for the 2012 free agency. 

GO C's! I am already waiting for that Banner 18.

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