Realistic 2011 Boston Celtics Roster

PG- Rajon Rondo, Delonte West, Avery Bradley

SG- Ray Allen, Michael Redd, E'Twaun Moore(reserve)

SF- Paul Pierce, Jeff Green

PF- Kevin Garnett, JaJuan Johnson, (Random Undersized PF) (reserve)

C- Jermaine O'Neal, Etan Thomas, Solomon Jones



Personally I would love this roster and it seems like it could be a legitimate possibility...

Rondo does his thing finding everyone right where they should be.

West and Bradley can alternate playing the 1 or 2.

Allen drops his buckets as usual.

Redd can play both 2 or 3 and spread the floor as a shooter. I feel like he would be willing to join this team and not demand loads of money considering he really has no leverage around the league anyway.

Moore can be a solid young reserve ready to play in the case of an injury or something.

Pierce adds to his Celtics All-Time numbers. Wouldn't mind it if he kind of helped Jeff Green a little.

Green can post up at the 4 occasionally. Would love it if he developed a solid feel for SF though.

Garnett and Johnson do there thing. Would love to see Garnett take Johnson under his wing, but Garnett has never really been about any of that. Johnson will pick up some things and contribute.

Random Undersized PF would fill a reserve role. Any suggestions? No Scalabrine please...

O'neal remains starter due to no real starter available.

Thomas and Jones would be 2 bigs I would love to see on the team. Thomas is a vet and knows the game. Jones is younger and has good size. A little youth down low couldn't hurt. There games would allow us to throw bigs all over.

I feel as if this roster could compete and is actually a realistic possibility. I would be more than satisfied with this roster considering our almost non-existent cap flexibility.

Let me know what you think!

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