One Man's Plan For The Celtics

Well obviously there is a lockout that doesn't look like it'll be ending anytime soon but I can't get the Celtics out of my head. So I'll play GM mode in my head & put myself in Danny's shoes.

First off, pretty much all of the free agents we'll get are veteran minimum deals so don't expect us to land any coveted free agents, as they want money & we ain't got it! So here is my plan, I know a LITTLE bit about cap space & stuff so if this roster would be impossible to do, sorry!


Rajon Rondo- Delonte West- Avery Bradley

Ray Allen- Anthony Parker- E'Twaun Moore

Paul Pierce- Jeff Green- Gilbert Brown

Kevin Garnett- Leon Powe- JaJuan Johnson

Jermaine O'Neal- Kwame Brown- ?


So we would be signing Delonte West, Anthony Parker, E'Twaun Moore, Gilbert Brown, Leon Powe , Kwame Brown & some center.

Delonte had terrible luck last season with injuries & the 10 game suspension but he showed up for the postseason, broken wrist, injured shoulder & all. Although injury prone I think Delonte is a great backup for Rondo & can play both guard positions which with our lack of money is very valuable. Clearly he'll get better offers but he said he'll give a hometown discount to Boston, which is great news. I say we sign him for 2-3 years.

Anthony Parker, man after Eddie House & Posey left it seemed like Paul & Ray we're the only 3 point shooters we had. Parker is old, but his game is just spot up 3's which Rondo can give him & he's a good defender. I doubt Chicago really goes after him because he's basically an older Keith Bogans, which WOULD be bad but we don't need a starting SG, just a backup who can rest Ray a bit. Veteran minimum deal?

Leon Powe, well I like the guy & I think a lot of people including the team like Powe. Big Baby I think will be crawling out of his crib in Beantown & going to New Orleans. Why? New Orleans need a replacement at the 4 with the likely departures of David West & Carl Landry, New Orleans is Baby's hometown, they'll probably overpay to appease CP3. I like Powe, but I still don't know I want him but if he's there, take him for a veteran minimum.

Kwame rebounds. That's why we get him lol, obviously he has nothing else going for him but we need bigs, so take him.


Now, the rookies!

Avery isn't a rookie but he might as well be because he barely played. He isn't a PG nor a SG but he can score & defend. I don't know much about AB, so I'll leave it to you guys to tell me in the comments how good he is.

E'Twaun, I think will get Von Wafer type minutes but I expect that calm, everything is gooooddd type of feel when he plays. Almost like Carlos Arroyo feel. He's a good 3 point shooter, decent defender & he's a baller for sure.

Gilbert Brown, undrafted & it seems like Danny wants him & Brown likes us. He's a spot up 3 shooter & HE.CAN.DUNK. Great defender also. Doubt he gets a chance to show us what he got, but he's a keeper!

JaJuan Johnson! Man I love this kid, his game reminds me so much of KG! If KG can toughen him up & show him the way of the Power Forward & gain about 15-20lbs, he could be KG's future replacement. I really want Doc to show JaJuan off especially if we don't get a PF to replace Big Baby.


Random Ideas:


I'm just as disappointed in Jeff Green as the next guy but I think we should actually give him a chance to prove us wrong next season. I think he could be a good piece for Rondo's team when Big 3 diminish, sadly. I agree this guy needs to toughen up, play more consistent defense like he did on LeBron in Game 3 & be aggressive like he was when he scored 11 off the bench. If he doesn't fit in & there is someone that is YOUNG & can help NOW that we can trade Green for midseason, I'm all for it. But let's give him a chance. Also, if we can't match the offer a team offers him, how about Marquis? Or we could try to trade him to Philly for Thaddeus Young, which is the exact player we can use to stay competitive & retool for the future.


About the Dwight hype. I don't think he'll come here, I think he signs with Orlando BUT if he does which is a longshot. I'm not a fan of his easy going attitude but I think Doc COULD fix em up a bit. I thought about the Dallas v Miami finals & how different of teams they were. Miami put names together that sold tickets & raised ratings but I don't think they mesh well, on the other hand Dallas had a bunch of GOOD players that knew thier role. That's what I want Danny to do. Don't just dump a bunch of money on a guy that is great but who knows how he fits in our team. I have a lineup going like this...

Rondo-OJ Mayo-Rudy Gay-JaJuan Johnson-Marcin Gortat

Thank you for reading!

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