a cancelled season: the best for the C's (although not for the fans)

Don't get me wrong, a really hate the fact that there would be no season for this entire year for the NBA. But on the other hand I thought that it would be the best situation for the C's if these lockout will cancel this incoming season.


1. Acquiring Dwight Howard through free agency

If we talk about running for DH12 through trade if ever we will have a season upon lifting the lockout, there is no way we can acquire him. The competition is too tight with the likes of Chicago, LA Fakers, OKC Thunders, or even the LA Clippers who undoubtedly have more appealing trade assets than us. Otis Smith is no dumb just letting DH12 walk away and not getting anything in return, that's why I assume he will be traded as the season resumes. Not adding to the fact that if the Lakers organization pulls the trigger on trading Bynum, hell, DH12 will go to the Fakers. But if the season is cancelled, all teams can only get DH12 through free agency and it is just up to him to decide which is the best team is the best for him.

Why Boston?

- pass first point guard: Rajon Rondo (we seldom see elite past first point gurads in the league right now, most of them are actually combo gurads like D Rose and Westbrook)

-great and respected great coach: Doc Rivers

-leadership and maturity to lead the team: the BIG 3 (KG and Ray can sign discounted contracts (vet's min) for a championship as their contracts expire on the 2012)

-great young pieces: Jeff Green, Big Baby (if he will be resigned), Avery Bradley, JJJ/E. Moore/ Gilbert Brown

-multiple picks that can surround the new core with DH12 (let us remember that Ainge is collecting several picks from his past trades and transactions (ex. Erden-Harangody Trade and Marshon Brooks for JJJ and a draft pick on draft night), maybe this is a way to produce efficient supporting casts for the future of the C's

-SALARY CAP SPACE: most important

-a storied franchise: the BOSTON CELTICS 

2. The 2012 Clippers ( top 10 protected) pick will be unprotected

Because there will be no season, there will also be no drafting since there will be no basis for the lottery of the teams. Therefore the 2012 draft which is foreseen to be very deep with talents in contrary to the previous draft will be carried over to the 2013 draft. By 2013, the top 10 protected of the clippers pick will now be unprotected because the pick as it was stated was just protected for the year 2012, which also means that we have the chance to have even the 1st overall pick for that year. Let's just say we get a pick even within the top 10, it still perfect because let us remember that this is a deep draft class, talents in this group may be the face of the franchise in the future. Austin Rivers is expected to join that draft, maybe that's the reason why Doc extended his coaching for five more years with the C's.

3. Our rookies and some of our players to take their talents somewhere

This is a very nice situation for the organization to scout in advance their players and at the same time for these players to mature more by playing somewhere. Brown, Moore, and Wafer is headed overseas. Avery Bradley is looking at his option overseas to practice his PG skills and mature more by having  playing time. JJJ is conditioning with Tim Grover and is playing atleast in the Indy Pro Am League. As the new season starts, these players will not play as if they were still rookies because of the experience they acquired. The C's will have the enough knowledge of the contribution they could expect from these players, but the more important part is the experience and training that they gained during the lockout as they prepare themselves for the real competition in the NBA.

4. Our Vet's will have the needed rest

This is self explanatory. Although they will still be a year older, our Big 3 has shown that they don't play their age as compared to other players. With maintaining the proper conditioning, I still see them to lead the C's for Banner 18.

5. 2011 Free Agents = 2011 and 2012 Free Agents

What I meant by that formula is that the free agents this year will be carried over for the pool of Free Agents next year. Because 2012 is the year will have a minimum of more than 35 million dollars cap relief (contracts from KG, Ray, and JO). Aside from Howard we can acquire another max player or few good pieces to pair with DH12 (if ever he will sign to the C's). Players such as Tyson Chandler, JJ Barrea, Caron Butler, Jr Smith, Jamaal Crawford, Jason Richardson, Nene, Chris Kaman, Gerald Wallace, Mickael Pietrus to name a few (not including CP3 and D Williams because we already have rondo). That's a pack of talents to choose from, we have the space so I don't see DA do the necessary moves to sign good players to contend again for the championship.  

Cancel the season or not? I am convincing myself just to be patient not to have one exciting NBA season if in exchange Boston Celtics will have DH12 and be the Champions the next year! Hey Mr. Wyc Grousebak, is this the reason why you are leading the owners to continue the lockout and eventually cancel the season? A business plan or a strategy for the C's? 

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