How to Handle this Season

I'm getting tired of Celtics fans who are denial who continue to say, "we'll get it together".. it's not going to happen, if you are really watching the games, the celtics have complete garbage wins against washington, the nets (without D Will and Hump4free, and detroit.. their defense is autrocious and so is their rebounding.. guys are just driving in the lane and getting layups on these guys.. we need to use this season to figure out what some of the new acquisitions can do and if that means tanking the season then so be it.. my personal concern is that there is a foundation in place after this season to rebuild and not have to wait 20 years for them to become a contender again... being in denial and playing on borrowed time is just going to perpetuate a even longer wait to greatness...

Doc Rivers - I agree with the other posts that Doc Rivers rotations sucked and have always sucked. I've never liked Doc Rivers and I wanted to cry when he signed a long term deal. The 2008 team that Danny put together was stacked, any decent coach could have coached that team to the championship and I give more credit to Tom Thibideou (Sp?) for designing the defense than sorry ass Doc.. Doc has lost his players they just dont listen to him.. I'm sorry to say but I would love to see Doc fired but it won't happen with Ainge as teh GM, they are tied at the hip, maybe it's time to Fire Ainge and Doc and bring in that Portland GM who got let go a few years ago.. is he still available?

Kevin Garnett - nobody wants to admit it, but he was PRAYING for a lockout, the guy just doesnt want to play this season.. he even complained about the compressed schedule.. I have never liked KG and I agree that this guy is overrated.. even when he plays like complete crap, he's constantly running his mouth.. I have no idea how Garnett won defensive player of the year.. on offense he plays "Scared" he never goes inside and he's afraid to mix it up..all he does is shoot jumpers...

Ray Allen - I dont care for Ray anymore either.. he lacks concentration quite often and makes lazy passes and is a complete liability on defense.. sure he's still a solid shooter/scorer i guess after they run about three different screens and he runs a mile in circles to get open... i say trade this guy if he can bring in a first round draft pick..

Pierce - he's also playing like he wanted a lockout.. he just looks lazy on the floor and then celebrates when he hits on three pointer..after missing a ton of other shots and getting scored on....

Jermaine Oneal - this guy is a complete bum and should have retired 2 or 3 years ago.. people forget he came out of high school just like garnett.. too much wear and tear... the guy is finished.. the fact that Doc was hyping him up before the season started makes me lose even more respect for doc..

Rondo - I'll admit i've been cold and hot on rondo, but he looks like the only starter who is actually trying this season.. he's going inside , sacrificing his body and he's playing solid defense.. build the new franchise around him, i'm a believer now..

Marquis Daniels - I dont like this guy, i never have, he plays lazy and looks asleep half the time, he can't finish at the rim either.. people say he plays great Defense but i dont know, against the premier guys he seems to get exposed.. i'd rather have Deshawn Stevenson..

Brandon Bass - give this guy more minutes and see what he can do.. i'm totally fine with starting him, maybe his defense will pickup where he is a liability right now, but we need to see if he should be a future celtic..

Stiesma - plays with some passion and nastiness, I say start him the rest of the year, he seems to be an outstanding shotblocker and a guy who can actually hit a consistent jumper, something that perkins coudl never do..could be part of the future foundation..

Pietrus - looks promising so far, give him more minutes

We need to sign some major free agent next season who is nasty and likes to mix it up.. give me Josh Smith, Kevin Love, even someone like Stephen jackson... we have guys who are playing scared, except for rondo.. pierce was a solid scorer who would go inside but he is just checked out now.. stop making excuses for him with this bogus heal thing.. look at Kobe, he's constantly playing hurt and still just as effective..

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