Mystery: Why are KG and PP still playing heavy minutes?

This might be a rehased topic, but absolutely mystifying. KG has shown in recent games that his legs are not what they used to be, and he's turned into a mid-range shooter for the most part with a noticeable lack of low post play when it comes to offense. 28 minutes on the last game, 31.2 MPG right now. Should his minutes be reduced?

PP is not in game shape (yet - let's hope he gets there soon!), and is looking quite hesitant on the offense at the moment. Doc says that he's letting PP play his way back to game shape, but if the guy's not making shots he's not making shots, no sense letting him clang multiple jumpers or worse, get blocked. 35 minutes on the last Indy game, his MPG is at 31.6 right now, is that too much?


Why not let Wilcox, Quisy, Bass, Pietrus and Steamer play more minutes as it is? It's time to ride the younger bench and let them carry the team for a while, at least Rondo will have people who can run and finish on the break. Wilcox has proven on the Bulls game that he can get there. And Quis was benched entire last game.

Suggestion: Back KG up with Steamer/Bass/Wilcox, PP with Quisy/Pietrus.

With Dooling not back at 100%, I'm happy that Doc is allowing Moore to get more playing time, he's a much better scorer than Bradley who despite his defensive capabilities, has limited offensive skillsets.

And let JJJ out of the doghouse, give him a few more minutes to load share with Steamer who is slightly foul-prone at this point. I'd agree as much as anyone that he's awkward on the floor, but if we are going to tank on the dreaded back-to-back games we might as well give the new guys more playing time, as opposed to tiring the older starters out on pointless losses before we reach the playoffs.

IF we reach the playoffs.

Let's keep our chins up guys, but I'm hoping to see more rest for PP/KG in the upcoming games.


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