Okay, I know few have discussed this subject, but it is infact important. More important than most of you think. The situation is like this:

The fan support in the NBA generally is on a very low level. There are maybe 3-4 teams that give out same coloured T-Shirt to all fans, and which fans are loud the ENTIRE game, not just when LeBron James dunks or when their team scores points, but the whole game, At every freakin point of those 48 minutes. Those teams are the Mavericks, the Thunder (they're the best maybe) and us, the Celtics.

Not to mention how far the NBA is behind Europe when it comes to fans. Even the NCAA teams have better supporters. They are more intesive and they don't care if their team wins or loses 10 in a row, they will always be there, unlike the Bobcats or Wizards fans, for example.

Europe may or may not have better basketball, but their fans are way better than those in any American sports league. They always fill up venues, arenas, they have organised coreography, everything. Songs even. My question is:

Why don't the Celtics have all that? Are we worse?

Of course not! We are the best dynasty in the sport of basketball. We are proud and always will be. Most of all, we all loyal. My idea is that we think up songs and coreography, something beautiful and organised, not just screaming, booing and chanting DEFENCE. If us Europeans can do it, everybody can. It's not that hard. Basically, a song should be easily singable, it should have rhymes and have text about Celtics pride, Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Bill Russel, Red, etc.

And trust me, it's an unbelieveable boost for players. Just look up tha fans of Partizan Belgrade, from Serbia and you will see the energy, the power. They are a very good team, but they are carried by the voices of the supporters. It helped them win many, many games.

Please, don't let this fall apart and think about it. We deserve something like this, we are the freaking Boston Celtics.

Just look at:


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