My turn to try this GM thing out

Ive been spending alot of time looking at trade ideas for the big three and reading about peoples thoughts of the whole blowing it up thing. I personally believe its time to move on. All 3 of the big 3 are great, they have had great careers and have been great celtics. I have been a fan of all 3 for as long as i can remember following basketball and when i saw that kg and ray allen where coming to the celtics i was overwelmed. I couldnt believe my 2 fav players are coming to play on my favorite tea, with paul pierce. But now its time to to put the team first and do whats beat for the entire team, now and for the futre. Im sure danny ainge will do a fine job but if i could play his role for a day or 2 this is what i would try to make happen....

Trade number 1:

Kevin Garnett

Ray Allen

Chris wilcox

To the Atlanta Hawks for

Josh Smith

Kirk Hinrich

Marvin Williams

This trade gives us an athletic power forward that will have great chemistry with rondo, which is what every player brought in should have. Hinrich gives us a combo gurad with good defensive skills, 3pt shot and the ability to play point guard, something we seem to never find. Marvin WIlliams is more of a salary filler but he can be usefull off the bench filling in both forward positions. He could be a trade chip in the off season if need be.

Trade 2:....not in place of trade 1, a trade to go along with trade 1

Paul PIerce

Keyon Dooling

To the Memphis Grizzlies for

Rudy Gay

OJ Mayo

This trade helps both teams.the grizzlies get two veterans to go with a young team. Pierce can step right in and contibute and i think mesh better with the team of last yrs playoffs better than Gay has been. For us. Rudy Gay to me is one of the better players in the league, a top 5 SF. Hes got a great shot and can be a force on defense. Him and rondo would be great to watch. Mayo can either start or come off the bench and hinrich can start. Mayo can get his own shot and has good range.

I didnt include draft picks in the trade but im sure we would have to include some in both trades. I dont think either trade is too outrageous for any team involved

A starting line up of Rondo, Mayo, Gay, Smith and o'neil would be pretty good if u ask me. And next yr when they have experince and chemistry together i think they could be a force in the league. A bench of hinrich, bradley, pietrus, bass, williams, johnson and steamer wouldnt be half bad either.

Let me know what u think.

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