The Bright Side - At Least We Didn't Get These Guys

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Remember the offseason drama? Oh yeah that's right. The Chris Paul dilemma, the David West i-choose-bird-better-than-ainge issue and so on. Have you looked again to all the supposed players that we are all rooting for to join the Celtics? Let us enumerate it one by one:

- Chris Paul - injured (Sore hamstring). what will happen now if we lost him to an extended period of time? well in comparison to the injury of rondo, i think paul's is more major.

- David West - (often injured) well I'm happy now that we were not able to acquire him. He is no longer the allstar he was a season ago. No athleticism, no interior prescence. And like JO, he is fragile. Just yesterdays game against the Warriors, he was sent to the locker room for an alleged injury AGAIN. (very JO)

- Kwame Brown (Torn pectoral muscle - out for season)

- Stephen Curry (Ainge attempted to trade for him to trade again for Paul, Severe Ankle injury)

- Shannon Brown (no injury) not as productive as he was in Fakers, in short waste of money if ever we acquired him

- Reggie Evans - was not able to play immediately for the Clippers because of a FOOT INJURY

- Tyson Chandler - a total bust for a team with no competition at the Center position, bye bye 14 million, I feel sorry for New York

- Deshawn Stevenson - out of basketball condition

- Michael Beasley (Sprained right foot)

- Chuck Hayes (Dislocated Left Shoulder)

- Aaron Gray (Knee Injury)

- Kyrylo Fesenko (Knee Injury acquired in the FIBA competition)

I think there are more but I will leave it as such. I am not saying that we don't have injury issues because we all know that we have (Green, Rondo, Dooling, Wilcox) but compared to the enumerated players, I think our players are in a much better condition. If Danny pursued the said players that we thought would create big impact to the team, we may end up playing our Jurassic Big 3 and inexperienced rookies to play 66 games. I guess GM's like them really has the better knowledge in terms of scouting players. Just imagine if we traded for CP3, we will continuously struggle because of his absence due to an injury-prone (not in condition) body, and David West? never mind that fella, that 8 million of his that is committed for 2 years is better alloted to a more athlethic and talented player. In short, the real deal is next year. We have Gordon, Hibbert, Brook Lopez, D-Wil, Love, and of course the much coveted Superman Dwight Howard. Let us just wait, Danny is a good GM. He will never let this team down. The last GOOD MOVE he made, he assembled the Big 3 of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen that led to the 17th Championship. Patience will forever be a virtue. Wanna smile? Imagine a combination of 2-3 superstars I mentioned above wearing in green. Let's keep dreamin', we have the cap space. We are the Celtics. Go C's!

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