Simple Solution to Getting Celtics Back on Winning Track

Sometimes you have to look back at what made Celtics Champions in 2008,

so you can analyze the present problems . . . and figure out how to fix this team.

Ainge's bold moves paid off in 2008, by getting Garnett and Allen, and the media ate it up, hyped it up . . .

but one major change went under the radar, the acquisition of Tom Thiddeou, a great defensive coach.

Remember back before 2008, Doc Rivers, was never the best defensive coach around and still isn't.

While I have grown fond of Rivers and have much respect for him, defense is still not his strong suit.

Why I am talking about defense and not the C's current horrible offense ?

The 2008 C's were a much better defensive team then the 2012 C's,

much of their offense came from lockdown defense, in 2012 most of the time C's offense is coming late after

other team scores and takes out of bounds, so hence less time on the 24 sec clock, creates less ball movement,

more TO's and lower percentage scoring.

Small Ball - is another problem

Ainge and Rivers were both guards, and Rivers has always loved going small with lineups.

Pitfalls of Small Ball -

1. Lose Height for Rebounding

2. No Shot Blocker on the floor

3. Opens up Layup Lanes to the basket for the opposition

Value of Big Men

if C's would have had healthy big men, they would have beat the Lakers in that game 7 (which the refs marched LA to the free throw in the 4th qtr to win the championship) and most likely would have won a third championship with this team as well

Ainge took a gamble last year, dealing Perk, betting on the O'Neals to be healthy, but it killed the team spirit on the team by doing so. Also if you recall, Ainge dumped Semih Erden for draft picks, another 7 ft center that showed promise. So the C's have to do a better job of appreciating when they have a good big man.

So all this being said, It sounds like I am blaming Ainge and Rivers, which is partially true, but I think both have done an excellent job for the C's over their tenure.

How to Fix This Team -

Everyone on the C's (Ainge, Rivers & Players) has to take responsibility and make adjustments.

Ainge - his first priority should have been during the lockout and can still do is:

1. Find Really Good Defensive Coach to help Rivers

2. Dump / Trade Wilcox and Pavlovic,

3. Be Patient, before "blowing up this team"

Rivers -

1. Think outside the box, don't be conventional in your coaching

2. Always keep a real center and shot blocker on the floor

3. Stop trying to match up to other teams and play your game

4. Swap Stiesma for O'Neal in starting lineup, not because Stiesma is better,

O'Neal will be better offensively against bench of other teams.

5. Bass should move to a 3, not 4, and while his offensive is good, his defense is horrible

6. Play JaJuan Johnson at the 4 spot off the bench with Moore as they have chemistry from Purdue.

7. Don't play Garnett at 5 and Bass at 4, it is your worse defensive tandem,

as Bass has no clue about help defense or team defense. If you don't believe me, look at the game tapes.

Players -

1. Garnett has to post up more, has been taking too many outside jumpers.

2. Ray Allen has to look more for his offense, while Pierce is still not 100%.

3. Pierce has been trying to drive to the basket, and not getting foul calls,

so he may need to take a couple of flops to start getting those calls again.

4. Offense, stop using Rondo as an excuse, I hear this is Rondo's team,

Rondo has to drive ball to the basket, Rondo is a catalyst, but other players

have to start making better, crisper passes, smarter playing, driving, and stop all this one and one,

with no ball movement and cross court passes.

5. REBOUND THE BALL - you can't rebound the ball when you are already running back up the floor,

Follow Your Shot, every ball position is key.

6. Better Communication of the floor

7. Don't Force It - Example: Daniels gets the ball has 3 defenders around him and trys to put up a shot

and it is either blocked or stripped

8. Hustle

I think the below combination, can start winning games immediately without changing roster.

Starting Lineup

1. Rondo 2. Allen 3. Pierce 4. Garnett 5. Stiesma


1. Bradley / Moore/ Dooling 2. Pietrus 3. Bass 4. Johnson 5. O'Neal

I would have dumped Wilcox when he passed to the Knicks during the game.

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