2012 NBA Draft: How do the Celtics use their picks?

I know we still have 51 games and (possibly) the playoffs to go, but with a draft class this talented, I can't help but think about the possibilities! Here are my projections of where our 1st and 2nd round picks will end up and how the Celtics will use them.

*This is written under the circumstances that Ainge will not make any trades.

Starting off, I feel like Boston will have a worse record than the Clippers(gasp!). I believe Boston will have their pick in the 15-20 range. The Clippers pick will most likely be 18-24. That means our second round pick will be in the 45-50 range.

If I were the GM of this franchise, this is how I would want my roster to look pre-draft:

G: Allen(for a reasonable price), Bradley, Moore, Rondo

F: Bass(not sure if his contract expires, if yes, for a reasonable price), Garnett(for a reasonable price), Johnson, Pierce, Pietrus(for a reasonable price)

C: Stiemsma

That's 10 out of 15 players. Not too shabby, and with 3 young guys it could look a lot better. I would like to see the Celtics pick a backup PG, starting SG, and a C. has both Doron Lamb and Tyler Zeller going in the 15-20 range. has Austin Rivers in this range, too. I would like to see Boston get one of these three guys as possible starters. has both William Buford and Fab Melo in the 18-24 range. Boston has a great opportunity to get an inside- punch from two picks! They could go SG then C, or C then SG. My personal preference would be Lamb and Zeller, but there's no shame in drafting Rivers, Buford, or Melo. has Tu Holloway in the 45-50 range. has Tyshawn Taylor in this range, too. Both of these PG are gunners(much like Nate Robinson). They like to score, but with Garnett and Allen in the second unit I could see them changing their games. A HUGE sleeper would be Jordan Taylor. has him at 55th overall. This is shocking to me because of his maturity and skill, despite Wisconsin's poor play. I would love to see him on our roster, too.

Overall, I think this draft could be the turning point for many franchises. It could also be a reviving factor for some, like the Celtics. I will continue to watch my favorite basketball team duke it out for one last hurrah this season, but I can't help but be excited for the draft. I hope you have enjoyed these projections, and if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to share.

Go Celtics!

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