What the Celtics would look like if they signed Dwight Howard

Bass is obviously going to opt-out. The thin free agent market in 2012, his age, and his production make it a perfect time for Bass to get a long-term deal. He’s worth at least $6 million a year, but will probably get $7-8 million a year someone else.

That leaves $35,810,385* on the books after we renounce Green’s rights, leaving approximately $25 million in cap space. Celtics use $18-20 million** to sign Dwight.

Whatever is remaining goes to Jeff Green:
-$5-7 million ONE-YEAR deal to prove himself for his next contract…
-$5-7 million LONG-TERM deal to lock himself as a Celtic.

Even though the first option is the much more likely, in regards to cap space, it doesn’t matter. This is what the Celtics roster would look like at this point:

Rondo, Bradley, Moore, Pierce, Green, JJJ, Dwight, and our three draft picks. This leaves the rest of our roster to veteran’ minimum contracts.

Celtics will try their best to sign whoever they can out of Ray, KG, Pietrus, Marquis, and Stiemsma (for minimum deals).

Ray and KG may be worth anywhere from $4-8 million to other teams. I don’t see them leaving the system and family life they are ingrained in for a few million out of the $180-270 million they’ve made. They love playing with the Celtics and have repeatedly said they want to retire here.

Ray and KG understand if they sign with the Celtics for more than the veteran’s minimum, it hurts the Celtics' rebuild, as it eliminates the possibility of signing Jeff Green who is an important asset to keep.

Marquis isn’t worth much more than the veteran’s minimum due to his production, age, and health history. He’s a team and fan favorite who also loves playing for Doc. I see him staying for the vet’s minimum.

Pietrus and Stiemsma are different stories. Both will probably field offers higher than the veteran’s minimum. Regardless, the deal will stand from the Celtics. Here’s to hoping they can resign with the Cs.

Here’s to hoping our roster miraculously looks like this:

Plus our three draft picks. That’s fourteen people, leaving the Celtics one slot to find another big man.


*Source for that number:

**Whatever the max the Celtics can pay him is.

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