Should Fans Complain When Cs Play Badly?

In the comments after Friday's stinker vs. the Pacers, some tension was discernible between the Doom-and-gloomers and the No-big-dealers. Many pointed out the terrible offense, the lazy attitudes, the horrible rebounding, etc., etc. Almost every player got skewered, save Ray (of course).

Countering this avalanche of negativity were some posters writing that this was not a big deal, they just missed some shots, it happens, don't-get-your-panties-in-a-wad, etc., etc.

So who's right?

To help illuminate, let's go back about a week, to when KG was looking bad out there. This site published a post on the front page titled "What's Up With KG?," which basically called Garnett out for his poor play and effort. And what happened? The very next game KG played was his best of the young season.

Do players read our blogs? I don't know. But yeah, they get the message. Of course they do. WE ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS. We supply the grease that makes the whole machine work. If we're unhappy, and make it clear that we are, somebody's going to see it and tell the team. I think you can bet on that.

So who was right in the comments?

No one really; it wasn't a point-on-point argument. But IT'S OUR JOB AS FANS TO POINT OUT THE TEAM'S FAILINGS, such as they are, and complain about them.... as clearly as possible. So that they get the message. The message that we don't like THAT product. We want the good stuff. And if you try to sell us this pile of dog doo, we ain't buyin'.

In other words, don't think for one second that we don't know how much of stinker THAT game was.

That's our job.

(As a corollary, we should also complain about the refs when THEY stink, as they did in that Pacers game. If we don't SAY that we know they sucked, it will be impossible for things to ever change. (Not that I'm holding my breath.))

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