How are Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge going to beat Miami?

Ainge had a plan. A plan that made enough sense for two of the top people in the NBA to bite. Rivers and KG are on board...are you?

What are the Celtics? Defend, run, transition score get back. This what the Rondo Celtics are. He is the QB and is lethal on the break. Build a team that creates a ton of breaks and you are exploiting the best transition guard in the league. And they do.

They got handled by Miami last year. They were outscored in the 4th quarter of EVERY game in the ECF.

Then, Ainge came up with the plan.This was his selling point at the meetings with Doc and then, KG and, it worked.

They will need Bradley, which will give them the starting group from last year, the same that led the league in opposing FG% with the addition of Sullinger paying the bills underneath.

Why does Doc have Sullinger starting? Because his emergence fits with the plan.

The "plan" includes Bass coming off the bench to complete the most talented and experienced bench in the NBA. As we said in the spring..."It's the bench, stupid."

The plan, gentlemen, is to dominate all other NBA benches with matchup nightmare after matchup nightmare for opposing coaches including Miami.

Green leads the bench with Bass, Jet and Lee. For the plan to work, these four players, must make it happen...they are team within a team. We have seen them together the last two nights and it will continue.

The starters will play their game. Watch Bradley gasping for breath while the Celtics are on offense...his style is what is needed on the defense...frantic. And it is. No player in the NBA wants to play against Bradley.

KG is one of the greatest defenders to ever play the game. With these two men on the floor, the Celtics have lead the NBA in every defensive category of import...look it is terrifying.

Now the plan kicks in. Green slashes, Lee and Jet with superb handles and shooting ability, pull the opposing bench out to the perimeter or shoot their lights out. Bass waits for the ball at 16 feet then combines with the 5 to work over back up big men. All of these guys can start and that is the plan. Courtney Lee and Jason Terry are the best off the bench back court in the game. Can you hear Ainge in the meeting?

Bass + Green + the five, very tough front with Rondo, Bradley, Pierce and Garnett waiting to rotate in for the final push.

What we have seen on the floor the last two nights is what Ainge and Rivers have done to beat Miami.


This group is the key. They are the matchup nightmare. If they gel, the Celtics have a chance and that is the "plan."

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