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Ray Allen is talking a lot about the Boston Celtics

Most of us are getting sick of all the Ray Allen talk, but he's an interesting story - not just locally, but across the NBA. So here's a storystream collecting all the latest updates on him in one place.

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Celtics are annoyed with Ray Allen's reasons

A good summary of the increasing annoyance that the Celtics have felt since Ray started talking about the Celtics.

Ray Allen’s exit from Celtics didn’t bring closure - Basketball -

The Celtics, especially coach Doc Rivers, have become increasingly annoyed with Allen’s reasoning for signing with the Heat. In July, it was a decayed relationship with Rajon Rondo. In August, it was a reduced role and lack of respect. In September, it was the signing of Jason Terry. In October, it was not receiving recruiting calls from Rivers and Paul Pierce.

It would feel pretty good to beat Miami tonight and put some of this behind us. It would feel a lot better to beat them in May or June.


Celtics will now have to guard Ray Allen

After years of benefiting from his shooting and floor spacing, the Celtics are faced with having to defend him.

Celtics face dilemma of guarding Ray Allen - Celtics -

"I think Ray Allen is going to get shots, just like he got them with us, because he’s playing with great players," Rivers said before practice Monday. "He’ll just stand somewhere, all by himself, and either you help or you don’t. If you don’t, LeBron [James] gets a dunk or [Dwyane] Wade gets a layup. If you do, Ray gets a jump shot. No different than when he was with us — [Rajon] Rondo drove, Paul [Pierce] got to the paint, they had to double-team Kevin [Garnett]. Ray benefited from that and he’ll do the same thing here, maybe even moreso here."

Hopefully our new defender/shooter Courtney Lee is up for the challenge.


Doc and Ray trying to move on

These two proud men are trying to move on past this messy breakup. I'd say they need a little closure. A win for the Celtics would sure make me feel better.


More Ray Allen trades that never happened

Ray Allen was tired of having his name in trade rumors. He wants you to know how many times he's had his name involved in rumors. Here's the latest.


Ray Allen Lauded by Tommy and Cooz?

Tommy Heinsohn and Bob Cousy were recently interviewed by Fox Sports about whether Ray Allen's No. 20 should be retired one day and hung from the TD Garden rafters along with the other Celtics greats. Both of them said yes. My gut reaction was no way. But there are arguments for both sides. Discuss!


Can anyone beat Miami?

The Miami Heat are the defending champs and the consensus pick to win it again this year. But can anyone beat them?


Ray Allen dishes more dirt and blame

Ray Allen is on a roll. Now he's blaming Danny Ainge for his rift with Rajon Rondo and spilling secrets of another trade that didn't go down.


Ray blames the Celtics for his departure

In a recent interview Ray Allen lays out his reasons for leaving the Boston Celtics. He places the blame on the organization and says it was a bad situation for him.

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