What Position Do You Feel The Celtics Need To Reinforce The Most?

Many people (including myself) have been very pleased with the offseason moves thus far, but I would like to know what positions the Celtics should be reinforcing. A lot of the players on the team are "Combo Players" because they can play 2 or 3 positions. Personally I think that every NBA player has a specific position where he serves as a better contributor (i.e: I believe that even though Jeff Green can play the 3 or the 4, he'll be of much more use, playing small forward).

Point Guards: This seems to be the most talked-about position in the minds of Celtic fans. Many people are concerned that the the only real point guard on the team is Rajon Rondo. It seems to me that Celtic fans would be much more comfortable if Keyon Dooling remained on the team, not truly because he's a good passer (only 2.2 assists for his career), but because he can move Terry into his natural shooting guard position. Keyon Dooling was an energetic player, but he wasn't much of a passer or scorer, especially at that point of his career, he was more like a place holder (although I do give the man a tremendous amount of respect). I believe that adding a back up pass-first point guard will be good for this team, but I'm not sure if there are anymore available.

Shooting Guard: This is probably the deepest part of the Celtic team. Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley, Leandro Barbosa, and Jason Terry, make up this part of the team. Some people were skeptical of the Barbosa signing, because they believed that all it did was take up a spot that could've went to a back up point guard. Not only that, but it then makes the total shooting guard minutes that more scarce. Jason Terry is probably the best passer out of this group, but personally, I want Jason Terry to think "Shoot first, pass later". Last season with the Mavericks, Terry attempted over 13 shots a game, and I want it to stay that way when the regular season comes along.

Small Forward: As far as the bench goes, this position will primarily be dominated by Jeff Green. I'm not sure if Kris Joseph will be seeing regular minutes during the regular season, and I'm not even sure if Micah Downs will make the team, but between Paul Pierce and Jeff Green, this particular position seems a little shallow. You can have Courtney Lee in this position, but only for a few select opposing lineups.

Power Forward: This part of the team is also reasonably deep. With Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, and maybe even Chris Wilcox, and Kevin Garnett in some cases, this position seems well reinforced. Sullinger has proven himself to be very effective in the post, while Bass as we all know, stretches the floor slightly with his great mid-range jump shooting. Probably the biggest problem related to the Power Forward position is defense. Bass, and Sullinger have been run over at times in the post. I believe they are slightly undersized, but they can still cause ruckus under the basket.

Center: Kevin Garnett in my opinion, is the only Center on this team that can consistently score due to his lankiness. Darko Milicic is a big defensive body, and so offensively he doesn't cause too much worry for opposing teams. He may still draw double teams due to his size, but if he gets fouled, he's only a 57% foul shooter for his career. Then you have Jason Collins, who despite how much weight he lost during the offseason, is still not much to look at offensively. Defensively, Collins can give you 6 hard fouls, and scare off some attacking guards, but Collins (like Darko) can only truly be utilized on one end of the court. Wilcox is a decent post player, but he's the kind of player that scores most when the defense breaks down, sort of like how Tyson Chandler is able to score. Wilcox is also good for the Celtics in the open court, but running from free throw line to free throw line after coming off a heart injury must not be the easiest thing to do.

What are your thoughts? What positions do you feel the Celtics need to stock up on? Are there any free agents that you believe the Celtics should try to coax into signing? Who do you think would have to be waived to make room for someone else?

(P.S: Turned 17 on Thursday ^.^)

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