I'm still concerned with how the C's matchup with Miami and Lebron.

We all know that the Celtics had a phenomenal off-season. Bringing back Green, and drafting Sullinger, and then bringing in Jet and Lee, and even signing Darko... All of these moves make our team so deep, and gives us so many different combinations to use on the floor.

Our 2nd unit projects to be one of the best, if not THE best 2nd unit in the league. And I really think that our 2nd unit's production over our opponent's 2nd unit is going to be our biggest asset this year.

That said, I am still very worried about our starting unit vs Miami's. Specifically as it applies to Lebron...

Obviously, there are no Lebron-stoppers in the league, but I just cringe to think about Lebron blowing past Pierce, pretty much whenever he makes up his mind that he's going to do so. And the few times that KG is going to be able to get there in time to alter Lebron's shot, I not only think that he'll be able to adjust and still make it, or at worse case scenario, draw the foul... I'm really more worried about the times that Lebron is going to use his passing ability to hit one of the wings in the corner. And you can guarantee that the wide-open combination of Ray/Battier/Miller/Lewis is going to end up shooting the 3-ball at a close to 45% clip...

Now, I'm not even going to get into the problems Wade poses for us, or why I think Bosh moving to Center pretty much all but negates any advantage KG created for us by going to Center in the first place...

The bottom line is that despite all of these wonderful off-season moves, the C's still have one of the slower, smaller, unathletic front courts in the league. And unless Jeff Green becomes a good defender over night, I just don't see us being any more effective at limiting Lebron's penetration, or getting a help defender in position in time to really affect his shot.

And I hope that this doesn't come off as me bashing Paul or KG for getting older and slowing down, but I just want to point out that I'm really concerned about how we're going to get stops at the end of games, or during "Lebron time." Personally, I don't think this team is equipped to do so, like we were in 07-08, and I really hope that Danny sees this and pulls off a move to bring in either a quick and athletic 3/4 like a Josh Smith, or brings in a long and athletic 5, like a Javle McGee. I honestly think that it would take one of those two types of guys to flank Paul and KG in the front court, in order to compensate for some of their defensive inadequacies, and I don't care if we have to give up a Sullinger, or Bass, or Bradley, or draft picks to do so. I think one of those two guys would be enough to put us in a position defensively to really disrupt Miami's offense, which is the only way I see us getting through them in a 7 game series...

Anyone agree?

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