Can The Celtics Continue To Win With Terry In The Starting Lineup, And With Pierce/Rondo Playing Less Than 40 Minutes?

Since the Bucks game resulted in a win, there's little doubt in my mind that Doc Rivers will use the same lineup, with the same rotations against the Chicago Bulls but will this playout well for the Celtics?

I'm strongly against Jason Terry starting. Jason Terry is the best scorer the Celtics have coming off the bench. The only good thing about Terry starting is that he's more in his traditional role as a shooting guard, but for some reason even as a starter, Terry took only 7 shots against the Bucks. Terry is shooting the ball at very good percentages, and so he should be taking more shots. Terry is too good be averaging shot attempts in the single digits.

Another very strange thing to see was that Jason Terry played 6 less minutes than Courtney Lee, despite how Lee struggled. Everybody except Rondo in that guard position played less than 28 minutes, and Terry is accustomed to playing 30+ minutes a game. In a Celtics uniform Terry has only exceeded 30 minutes once against the Wizards (the first time) where he had 16 points. I believe that has a lot to do with his limited shot attempts.

It was refreshing to see Rondo and Pierce play under 40 minutes, but is it something that can be sustainable?

Whenever there's a discussion on who the best Point Guard in the NBA is, Rondo's name comes up. When it does, I like to rattle off his 18-point, 17-rebound, 20-assist performance against the Knicks, or I'd like to speak about the 44-point, 8-rebound, 10-assist performance against the Heat, but I always get countered with, "Rondo's stats are only as good as they are because he plays more minutes than many, (if not every) point guard in the NBA."

Unfortunately I believe that's true. Both performances I love to highlight the most, were both overtime games, and in his 44-point outing against the Heat, he didn't sit down once. Rajon Rondo played 37 minutes in this game and logged 10 points 5 rebounds and 10 assists with 4 turnovers. This is against the Bucks however, what happens in games against more serious title contenders like the Knicks, Heat, and Lakers? Can Rondo continue to be effective despite playing under 40 minutes a game?I suppose time will tell (pun intended).

As far as Pierce goes, you could look at the points and rebounds he's been averaging and you may go "Pierce has found The Fountain of Truth (youth)" but when you realize that he's shooting 39% from the field then you get a better idea of what's going on. His 3-point shooting is very good, because he's hovering around 45%, but it's easy to see that the Captain isn't as efficient as he used to be, which is why Jeff Green needs be averaging 12 points a game, instead of that being his season-high.

What are your thoughts? Can the Celtics make continue to prosper with Terry in the starting lineup and with Pierce/Rondo playing below 40 minutes a game?

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