What Are Some Changes That Need To Be Made After Seeing That Pistons Game?

Pistons seem to have the Celtics' number.

If I'm not mistaken, the Pistons beat the Celtics twice last season. It must be hard to play 6 games in 9 nights, or 4 games in 5 nights, but it shouldn't have been a 20-point blow out loss to a team that's only managed to win 1 game coming in.

I'm not sure what to make of it, 12 assists from the entire team, and 10 of them coming from the same person. There's no way the Celtics can take the B-18 bus with only 3 players logging an assist. Too much holding the ball and passing itRondo, just to have Rondo pass it back, and try to get an assist out of it.

There seems to be little to no consistency from any of the players except perhaps for Rondo and Garnett (once again). From Terry, to Green, to Bass, to Barbosa, key players are on and off every other game, and that's no way to win games.
What makes matters worse is that EVERY other team in the Atlantic Divison won their games that day, making it that much harder for the Celtics to claim the Division. Something has got to give, and I'm expecting a lineup change against the Spurs.

It's amazing how well the Celtics can play one game, and the next game, see how poorly they can play. I'd probably consider Leandro Barbosa as the starting shooting guard and Jared Sullinger starting in Bass' place? Having Terry in the starting lineup is hindering his shot attempts I believe. If I'm not mistaken those 10 shot attempts against the Raptors were his season-high as a starter.

Terry is averaging less than 8 shot attempts per game so far. To help remedy this problem, I say put him back on the bench, because his shooting percentages aren't bad. The bench seems to be pretty hesitant to shoot, especially with Jeff Green and Courtney Lee. As far as who starts, I'd give it to Leandro Barbosa until Lee finds some kind of rhythm.

This may sound strange in a way as a well, but once Terry and Rondo share the court, if Terry is having a good game, I want him to be the primary ball handler. Rondo is too concerned about his streak, the ball doesn't doesn't always HAVE to be in his hands for a play to ignite.

Next, I'd put Brandon Bass on the bench again, to start Sullinger. He's played well these past couple of games, and Bass has been struggling slightly. Sullinger has scored in the double-digits in his last 2 games, averaging 13 points, and 8 rebounds, shooting 61% from the field in 27 minutes in that small stretch.

What are your thoughts? What adjustments to the B-18 Bus need to be made?

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