C'mon Doc, enough with the small ball and exploit your length

As I've mentioned before, the C's don't have the manpower to negate the speed and youth of the championship contenders - Miami and OKC. As you can observe that in most of their last 8 games (including pre-season), they were out-rebounded and outran, because of what? They don't have the height and size advantage so they were taking lower percentage perimeter shots, therefore they've had had very low chances of rebounding offensively. But the saddest of all is that, they were also ALWAYS out-rebounded defensively and offensively. As we all know, the very start of having an excellent defensive system is to outrebound your opponents, and the easiest and most effective way to do this is simply to add more LENGTH over the other. Consequently, length does not only lead to more rebounds, but also leads to more blocked shots and forces your opponents to take low-percentage perimeter shots.

My defensive points for having LENGTH are: 1) More defensive and offensive rebounds. 2) More blocked shots 3) lower FG percentages by opponents.

Now, it just follows that having the said defensive advantages will likely translate to the obvious offensive advantages:

1. Paul iso or posting up Wade/Bryant/K-Mart or rolling to the basket for his notorious AND-1's.

2. KG posting up Lebron/Pau/Ibaka or making putbacks or cutting to the lane for dunks.

3. Green or Bass iso or posting up Battier/Worldpeace/KD or rolling to the basket for dunks/lay-ups.

4. Milicic/Collins making offensive putbacks after missed post-up shots by PP/KG/Green or Bass, OR cutting to the basket making point-blank lay-ups or even dunks.

5. Rondo facilitating fastbreaks off offensive rebounds

6. 3-point shooters (Terry, Barbosa, Lee) and perimeter shooters (Bass/PP/KG/Green/Bradley/Lee) need not to create or find their own space since the defense is, most of the time, drawn inwards into the box because all their primary offensive options are post-up plays and that most of the time the said low-post players have the height, size and skills advantage - PP (SG - 6'7"), KG (PF - 6'11"), Green or Bass (SF - 6'9").

As you can observe, the above scenarios are high percentage offensive options, higher percentage of making offensive putbacks due to their perceived length, significantly lesser chance of opponent making fastbreaks because of most of their offensive options are high percentage low-post based plays - higher chances of made baskets.

AGAIN, if the C's have higher FG percentage offensive options, their opponents will have significantly lesser chance of making any fast-break attempt obviously because they have to start their own offense/plays off from a made basket by the C's - therefore more time for the C's to run down and set-up their switching/help defense system.

Don't you agree that the above scenario is best for the C's considering the composition and depth of their current roster? If you disagree, why NOT?

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