"The Truth" is still THE man when a game is on the line. What the C's need is more length, why?

Let's admit it, having PP in your team is a luxury whenever it's a down-to-the-wire game. Mind you, only KB rivals him on that spot, and no KD or LBJ. But wouldn't it be better to avoid close games and get yourself a big lead early on so that it would be impossible for your opponents to catch up? But in any given average night, opposing teams usually have identical FG attempts and percentages. So if FG percentages are identical, how can one team break away from its opponent. "It's the little things that count" -- as the popular saying goes.

There are only two ways to do that: 1. Applying constant defensive pressure on your opponent so that they commit more turnovers or take less percentage shots. Reality check - the C's don't have 5 pairs of legs anymore, or even anywhere near that count in their existing roster, that could do this on a consistent nightly basis. 2. Simply out-shoot your opponents by more than 3 attempts per quarter per game.

Based on the assumption above regarding the FG percentages and the C's current defensive capability, I believe the most logical strategy is just to out-shoot their opponents by more than 3 attempts per quarter. But HOW? My bet would be to have more length. Get Gortat or anybody of his size and offensive-mindedness! Now, how will offensive-mindedness and length give you more FG attempts? Imagine this starting roster:

C - Gortat 6'11"

PF - KG 6'11"

SF - Green 6'9"

SG - PP 6'7"

PG - Rondo 6'1"

Projected Depth chart by Dec 15:

PG - Rondo/Terry/Barbosa

SG - PP/Lee

SF - Green/Bass

PF - KG/Sully/Wilcox

C - Gortat/Collins

Having a more offensive-minded taller line-up poses unique defensive upsides: More blocked shots, opponents taking low percentage perimeter jump shots due to the perceived length guarding the lower block and a statistically higher defensive rebound rate for an average front court height of 6'10". But more so, it also poses unique offensive upsides: More high-percentage post-up plays, and MORE FG ATTEMPTS due to higher possibility of blocked shots, and second-chance attempts due to offensive rebounds and offensive putbacks.

'Nuff with the small ball please!!! The C's are better playing slow ball. May they capitalize on the perceived offensive post-up or one-on-one mismatches in PP at SG, KG at PF and Green at SF...

What say you?

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