Should Doc Rivers Give Leandro Barbosa More Playing Time?

Courtney Lee is ultimately supposed to be the Ray Allen replacement, I understand that, but as of right now, Lee simply isn't producing the way he was expected to, especially from 3-point land. Barbosa is the newest passenger on the B-18 bus, but he seems to be outplaying Lee thus far. Is he going to start seeing 20+ minutes a game?

Courtney Lee is averaging 5.2 points shooting 46% from the field, and 24% from 3-point range in just under 23 minutes. In terms of "Per 36 minutes", Lee is averaging a little over 8 points a game.

So far through 14 games, Leandro Barbosa has been averaging 6.9 points, shooting 47% from the field, and 41% from 3-point range in 14 minutes of playing time. In terms of "Per 36 minutes", Barbosa is averaging over 17 points a game.

I was impressed with Leandro Barbosa since Game 1 of the regular season. Against Miami, Barbosa had 16 points in just 15 minutes, while shooting 3/3 from 3-point range. He played the whole fourth quarter if I'm not mistaken, and helped bring the Heat lead to as low as 4 or 5.

For the next 5 games however, Doc only played Barbosa for an average of 8.8 minutes. Barbosa had a quiet 15-minute night against the Bulls where he went 3/7 from the field getting only 6 points, however he turned it up against the Jazz the very next game. Many people looked at the Jazz game, and many people were in awe of the way Jeff Green was playing, but Barbosa's 16-point performance was a little overlooked. He played 22 minutes in that game and shot 6/8 from the field.

Following the Jazz game, the Celtics visited the Barclay Center in Brooklyn where Leandro Barbosa was the starting point guard. In his only start of the season, Barbosa played 30 minutes, earning 17 points on 5/11 shooting (45%), and 1-4 from 3-point range. Not too bad, considering that Barbosa hasn't started a game since his last year with the Phoenix Suns. For the next 4 games, Barbosa was playing an average of just over 13 minutes.

Then the most disappointing game for me was the game against the Orlando Magic. Barbosa came storming out of the gate with 11 points in just 3 minutes! At the rate that Barbosa was going at 3.7 points a minute, if he played his career average of 24.4 minutes, he'd have over 90 points for the game! Very unrealistic, but hopefully you get my point.

I understand that Barbosa picked up 3 fouls in 3 minutes (sounds like Greg Stiemsma stats), but there should be no reason why Barbosa ended the game with 15 points, shooting 6/8 from the field and 2/3 from 3-point range, in just 10 minutes of playing time, with 1 extra foul (giving him a total of 4 for the game). Barbosa was having a field day, but Doc Rivers still played Lee and Terry more than Barbosa. Jet Lee combined for a total of 10 points, shooting 4/10 from the field and 2/5 from 3-point range in 51 minutes of playing time.

In my honest opinion, Barbosa should be the person leading the second unit, since Terry is in the starting lineup. Jeff Green is very inconsistent, and Lee is still looking for his shot. I can understand Green getting so many minutes, but Barbosa should at least be playing more minutes than Lee.

What are your thoughts? Is Doc Rivers sleeping on Barbosa? Does Barbosa deserve more minutes than Lee?

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