Top 10 Most Annoying Things about the Celtics

10) Doc's endless love affair with small-ball. Doc, your love is unrequited. Small-ball HATES US. Please Doc, curb your enthusiasm. Enough already.

9) The way the Cs' defense disappears when KG sits. Danny, we need a backup big for KG who can play defense. We CANNOT, repeat CANNOT win a championship playing 30 minutes of good basketball and 18 minutes of sieve basketball. Ain't gonna happen.

8) The way the Cs sometimes (OFTEN, lately!) let opponents waltz down the middle of the paint to the rim for the easy 2 with NO DEFENSE WHATSOEVER. Drives me NUTS. And therefore, I've been driven nuts a lot lately. WTH is that all about anyway? I don't remember EVER seeing this happen so many times, in so many games, before this year. It happens with KG in, and with KG out. Guys -- DEFEND THE PAINT. NO LAYUPS, NO DUNKS! Enough already!!

7) The continued absence of Avery Bradley -- he became my fav player to watch last season, and I can't wait to see him squeeze through those super-tight screens again. Shoulder, shmoulder. Enough already!

6) Jeff Green's disappearance act. Jeff, we love ya when you play like we all know you can. But why o WHY do you constantly disappear?!? Can you please try putting together TWO GOOD GAMES IN A ROW? Pretty please?? Enough (with the disappearing act) already!

5) Courtney Lee's shooting. Look, we know shooting comes and goes, and guys go through slumps yada, yada.... yeah, it happens. But JHC... ENOUGH ALREADY! It's not a slump if you're never good at it.

4) Rondo eschewing the easy 2 for the tough/dangerous assist. The Magic game had what was probably the worst instance of this EXTREMELY annoying thing, when RR was ALL ALONE a couple steps from the unguarded rim but REFUSED to take the easy layup and instead tossed it to the trailer, thus giving the defense all the time it needed to catch up and break up the play. But for a Terry jumper (NOT a layup anymore), it would have been a total disaster. As it was, it was just TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BULLCRAP, Rajon. STOP that! Enough already!

3) Paul Pierce dribbling into a crowd and losing the ball. It's come to the point now that when I see him starting to dribble into a crowd, I automatically count it as a TO. I mean, the probability of a TO in those cases must be ~80% by now. Paul, please understand: you are not a point guard. You are not a point anything. STOP dribbling into traffic.... YOU CAN'T DO IT! Enough already!

2) Rondo's insistence on committing at least 1 TO in every crunch time. Really, this is happening in practically every close game lately. Enough already!

2a) PP's insistence on committing at least 1 TO in every crunch time. See 2).

1) Jared Sullinger's propensity for attracting fouls. Sully: you must be a very, very bad player, because you attract the WORST, MOST RIDICULOUS foul calls by just about EVERY REF in the NBA, it seems. What's wrong with you, son?!? I know what you'll say, I know. You'll say (begin baby voice): "It's not my faullltt. I'm just playing the right way, and those crazy damn refs keep calling those crap fouls on me, man!" Yeah, that's all true Jared. It's all true. So?!? ENOUGH ALREADY!!! (directed to: the damned refs)!

(Feel free to add your own pet peeves, below. Best peeve wins a ticket to the Cs' game 7 of the 2013 Finals. Ahem.)

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