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Rajon Rondo suspended after altercation

The streak is over and the game was lost. Now we wait and see how much other damage was done by the altercation Rondo had with Humphries.

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The Fallible Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo responded aggressively on Wednesday night to a hard foul. He stood up for his teammate, took matters into his own hands and things escalated quickly. As the newly proclaimed leader of the Celtics, though, that reaction has sparked some much needed conversation.


Rondo suspended two games

So, there it is. Two games for what looked like--in my humble, completely biased opinion--a "s'up" shove that lead to a lot of grabbing and a pull down into the crowd. Whether or not the punishment fits the crime, this is exactly what the Celtics needed.


Rondo unfazed, Green's knee swollen

Rajon Rondo tells reporters after practice that he's spoken to the league but so far, there's no word on a suspension. In other news, Jeff Green's knee is swollen and he's questionable tomorrow night along with Chris Wilcox (sick).


Let's Get It On!

BOSTON - Maybe it takes a real fight, or what passes for a "real fight" in today's NBA, for the Boston Celtics to begin respecting the balance of power in the Atlantic Division.


Rondo could face long suspension

We won't know the league's decision till this afternoon at the earliest but there's some reason to believe that we'll be without Rondo for a while.

C's bracing for possible Rondo suspension - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

But it's Rondo that is likely to be in the crosshairs of the league. As Capers noted, "Rondo initiated everything that proceeded after the foul." As for whether Garnett or Wallace threw a punch, Capers added, "As we reviewed it, no. They aggressively went to one another, and they basically pushed and extended on one another, but there was not a punch thrown."

Irish Coffee: Summer of Rajon Rondo gives way to winter - WEEI

As referee crew chief James Caper said after a home Celtics loss to the Nets that was much uglier than the 95-83 final at the TD Garden, "Rondo initiated everything that proceeded after the foul." In other words, just as he was last season, Rondo will be suspended, especially considering he threw closed fists as he shoved Humphries into the stands. His history won’t help, either. Speculation sets the over/under on games the Celtics will be without their so-called leader at 3-5 games, but as New York Times reporter Howard Beck suggested, "Nate Robinson and J.R. Smith got 10 games each because they continued fight into the stands."


Mean Streak: Is Rondo's temper a problem?

Last night was just the latest incident where Rondo's emotions got the best of him.


Video of Rondo - Humphries shoving match

Video courtesy of SBNationBoston.


Brooklyn beats Boston after brawl 95-83

The story of the night was the brawl and the end of the streak, but rebounds once again killed this team.

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