There's a change in the line-up, Sullinger got the start,
Two early fouls, but he played with all heart.
Speaking of which, Wilcox in during Q1,
Bass off the bench to help those guys get it done.

UConn is represented, not by Ray (not nice),
But, for the Wizards, Okafor and A. J. Price.
Cs need to get going early, and maintain it, we'll see,
Captain P for three, nice shot Courtney Lee.

Wizard fans stand til they score their first point,
It came when KG's block called a goal tend in this joint.
7 minutes into the home season Wizard fans are booing,
Meantime Cs have to love what Jeff Green is doing.

Cs 26-Wizards 12 to start Q2,
Wizards' bench figured out what they should do.
Suddenly down to 5 is the Cs' early lead,
Sullinger rebounding, KG scoring--what the Cs need.

Rondo's first three of the season, then his second three!
Wizards' bench doing well, Seraphin fears not KG.
Good hustle Terry, Rondo, Brandon Bass, too,
Cs up 7 at the end of Q2.

Start Q3 Cs lead kept getting down to five,
Love how Bass rebounds, gathers himself, stays alive!
Hard work from Captain P, Rondo, Bass and KG,
Terry, Green and bench come in, where's the Cs D?

Cs 16 point lead down to 2, then back to four,
That's how the Cs are starting (poor rhyme) Q4.
Crawford was fouled hard (to the locker), pulled up lame,
He's been one of the high scorers in this game.

Green and Pierce determined, as is KG,
Finally that Celtic Pride we needed to see?
Wizards keep hanging around, down to 3 is the lead,
Just under 5 minutes, steady D the Cs need.

The clock running down, the shot of the night,
Rondo forced to take it, swatted it in just right.
3 minutes left, Wizards first lead--by two,
Captain P for three, as only he can do!

Pierce stepped up, was aggressive, had four threes,
Magically the Wizards stayed in this game with the Cs.
4.5 seconds left, Wizards lost the ball, Cs by one,
Cs 89-86--(phew) THIS GAME IS DONE!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go,

He has now done it 27 games in a row.

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