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Rondo and KG still on pace for All Star starts

Despite the team's recent woes, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett are still getting enough votes for them to start in the All Star game.

Rondo, Garnett among leading All-Star vote getters

Rondo is currently second among Eastern Conference guards with 675,822 votes. He trails Miami's Dwyane Wade, who has 765,077 votes. Garnett is third among Eastern Conference frontcourt players with 390,751 votes. He trails Miami's LeBron James (1,151,304 votes) and New York's Carmelo Anthony (1,054,099).

So if their poor play was all just a ruse to get some extra rest on All Star weekend, then it hasn't had the desired effect.


No surgery needed for Wilcox, no timetable yet

It is frustrating for everyone involved to see Chris Wilcox have yet another injury setback. Thankfully he won't require surgery. While an original report stated that he would be out 3-4 weeks, apparently they aren't sure about that anymore.

No surgery for Wilcox (thumb) - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

There's currently no timetable for Wilcox to return, though he will be re-evaluated by doctors next Tuesday, and the results of that meeting could produce a target date. In the meantime, he's sporting a small gray brace that anchors the thumb in place.

Get well soon Chris.


Tony Allen: Celtics "missing a lot of pieces"

Old friend Tony Allen claimed that he's not an analyst, but he sums up some of the Celtics defensive shortcomings pretty well here.

Green Street " Tony Allen: Celtics ‘missing a lot of pieces’

"I don’t think they’ve really got a defensive-minded guy yet," added Allen. "I mean, they’ve got one [Avery Bradley], but I can’t say he’s 100 percent just yet. I don’t think they’ve got the center like Perk [Kendrick Perkins]. It’s kind of hard finding a guy like — a guy who clogs up the paint, talks trash to you and can actually back it up. They’re just missing a lot. I don’t know. I don’t see the same team from 2008."

We've gotten a little better on offense, but the personnel just doesn't seem to be there to play defense. I miss Perkins.


"Fab being Fab" - Melo walks into a door

Apparently the reason that Fab Melo was called up was because D-League assignment players have to be treated by the parent club when they have an injury. This injury was caused by Fab Melo walking into a doorframe. No really. I can sympathize as I've walked into many a door in my time, but never hard enough to get a concussion. Then again, I'm not a 7 foot goofball.

Fab Melo has a concussion; Chris Wilcox out indefinitely -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Wednesday that Melo has some clumsy tendencies. "What did you have, 'Manny being Manny'?" said Rivers. "In five years, when Fab's playing terrific for us here, we're going to have some 'Fab being Fab' moments. It just took kind of a head start."

Ok then.


Rondo and Garnett are "unforgettable characters"

SB Nation NBA put together a list of "unforgettable characters" from the past year. Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett are on the list. Here's a piece of the Rondo blurb.

NBA's 15 unforgettable characters from 2012 - SBNation.com

A strange thing happened to one of the NBA's most polarizing players this year: Rajon Rondo became marginally overrated by the very people who never understood his talent in the first place and more scrutinized by those who first identified with his genius. His singular passing ability has always been the most obvious trait in his skillset, so naturally the former jumped aboard the bandwagon as he compiled game after game of double-digit assists, while the latter noted for the record that his other numbers were down across the board as he led a Celtics' offense that was comparable to the Wizards and Pistons.


Doc's latest diagnosis: overthinking

A few weeks ago it was mental fatigue, and now it is overthinking. Where's the brain doctor when you need him?

Celtics routed as Clippers win 15th straight - Sports - Boston.com

“I thought we really out-thought the game,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “I told our guys that. I could hear all the talk about different coverages. We play the same defense every night for the most part and I just thought we were out-thinking ourselves and I probably should have stopped it, but I didn’t.”


Garnett: "Too much respect" for Clippers

Interesting take by KG

Wrapup: Clippers 106, Celtics 77 -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"I thought we came out with too much respect (for the Clippers)," Garnett said. "We wanted to play back off some of their bigs and Blake (Griffin) hit some shot that he doesn't usually hit. They came out with a lot of confidence and they packed the paint and that is the reason why they have won 15 in a row. Teams like this, you have to come at them and attack them and we were not able to do that."


Doc: "we're very, very close"

I like Rich Levine's take at the link below. The summary: Doc's a straight shooter when it comes to the state of the team. If he's upset, you should be too. If he's looking at silver linings, maybe we should be too. If he's optimistic, well...

The Doctor likes what he sees

"I think we're getting better," he said. "I think we're very, very close to becoming a good team, but we're not yet. Our record tells us we're not. Until our record tells us we are, we're not. But we're playing better."

Is that the light at the end of the tunnel I see? I hope so. I'm just gonna let Doc drive for a bit and see where he takes us.


Paul Pierce the passer

We all know that Paul Pierce can score. But he also does a lot more.

Pierce turns playmaker to help Celtics beat Brooklyn

It was Pierce's first double-digit assist game this season, and 23rd of his career. "I tell you guys all the time, I try to give the game what I feel it needs," Pierce said.

...And when Pierce has been in a pass-first mode, the Celtics have been extremely successful. In the 23 games in which Pierce has had 10 or more assists, the Celtics are an impressive 18-5 which includes the C's winning the last nine such games.

Some of that has to be his teammates making shots and the offense working appropriately. But let's give Paul some credit. Like he says, he does what the team needs to win.


A (Christmas) tree grows (defense) in Brooklyn

Get it? A tree grows in Brooklyn. The Celtics are growing their defense. On Christmas. I kill me. (crickets)


Boston Celtics show off defense that often is missing - ESPN Boston

There was nothing not to like about this one from the Celtics' vantage point. The 76 points allowed marked the fewest of the season scored by a Boston opponent. The defense put up the kind of numbers we've been used to seeing over the past five years: In addition to the meager output, the Nets shot just 40.6 percent from the field and 35 percent from 3-point territory.

Yay defense. More please.


Free Sully: Just start Jared Sullinger!

I like the impact that Jason Collins is having, but I'm starting to think that maybe Sully should just be put in the starting lineup (like Doc toyed with early this season). Jay King has numbers. Enjoy.

Should Jared Sullinger start for Boston Celtics? The numbers are quite enticing | masslive.com

During the 197 minutes when Sullinger has been paired with Kevin Garnett, the Celtics are outscoring opponents by 15.4 points per 48 minutes. During 60 minutes with Sullinger, Garnett and Paul Pierce on the court, the Celtics are 25.7 points per 48 minutes better than their opponents. During 44 minutes with Sullinger, Garnett, Pierce and Rajon Rondo together, the Celtics are plus-26.1 points per 48 minutes. The trend continues almost universally -- whenever Sullinger is surrounded by Boston's best players, the Celtics play quite well.


No glaring weakness in Celtics defense

As Doc said, a little bit of everything wrong.


Doc: a chance that Bradley could return early

...so you're saying there's a chance...

Rivers: 'A chance' Bradley could return during road trip

"I think there's a chance, but I don't know what the chances are," Rivers said following practice on Sunday. "I haven't talked to anybody. I just try to stay out of that because if he's close I don't want anyone feeling like I'm pressuring them -- Avery or, more importantly, the doctors. Avery wants to play. I guarantee he wants to play the next game. That's something I just try to stay away from."


Jeff Green practices

Thankfully it sounds like Jeff Green is going to be just fine. He's probably in some residual pain and I wonder how hard it is to see out of that eye, but he's toughing it out.

Green: 'Just another bruise' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Celtics forward Jeff Green practiced on Sunday sporting a shiner under his left eye and three chipped teeth, but admitted he's no worse for the wear after absorbing an elbow to the face from Ersan Ilyasova during Friday's overtime loss to the Bucks.

Masks have been all the rage in the NBA recently, but Jeff isn't going to join the crowd.

"No, I'm not wearing no mask," he said. "I ain't hiding it. Everybody sees it; everybody knows what it is. Nothing's broke, so I don't have any reason to wear a mask." "It's cool; added to my character," said Green. "Just another bruise that I've got to fight through."


Barbosa will miss next game for personal matter

I suppose this means more minutes for Terry and Lee.

Notes from practice: Wilcox could miss a month -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

Leandro Barbosa won't be back with the team until the Dec. 27 game against the Los Angeles Clippers because of a personal matter. The Celtics will play Christmas Day in Brooklyn with 11 active players.


Red Claws' Shelvin Mack gets 2nd shot with Wizards

Sounds like Mack is headed back to the team that originally drafted him.

Wizards sign Shelvin Mack - Yahoo! Sports

In dire need of backcourt production, the Washington Wizards have reached agreement to sign guard Shelvin Mack, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Mack has averaged nearly 21 points per game for the Maine Red Claws of the NBA Developmental League. He will join the reeling Wizards on Monday.

If the Celtics needed a backup point guard, Mack might have been a decent option to consider at some point but they probably had enough guards on the roster anyway. Mack will get more playing time and opportunities with the Wizards anyway, so this is probably better for his career.


Celtics struggling with transition D

Hey, have you heard that the Celtics are struggling on defense? Yeah, not news here. But worth pointing out once more.

Boston Celtics must get back to basics on defense - ESPN Boston

And you know what fuels transition offense for opponents? Missed shots (and turnovers, too, but that's a whole 'nutha can of worms). Asked last week how Boston could shore up its transition defense, Rivers half-joked: "Well, get back." It sounds almost insultingly simple, but basketball really is that easy sometimes. It's a make/miss league and when you miss, you have to get back to prevent easy buckets. The Celtics are struggling with this basic concept.

Here's an idea, let's just abandon offensive rebounds and have everyone release and get back on defense. Wait, ...we're already doing that and it doesn't help? Oy.


Jeff Green injury not serious

Nobody was happy to see Jeff Green on the floor, but Marquis Daniels may have felt the most frightened for his former teammate.


Rondo: "We are what our record is"

No excuses for Rajon.

Rajon Rondo on 13-13 Boston Celtics -- "We are what our record is" - ESPN Boston

"We are what our record is. Simple as that," said Rondo. "As of now, you can't say we're better than what we are. Games we should have won, we've lost and only a couple games vice versa, so we've just got to keep finding a way.

"I think we've just got to want it more than other teams. ... Tonight was another game where it went the other way. [The Bucks] got the 50/50 balls when needed, until we made our run to close the [fourth] quarter and tie the game. But other than that, they got most of the 50/50 balls and we can't win that way."

Pretty much, yeah.


Terry (again) takes blame for loss

This is a recurring trend for Terry. He once again shoulders much of the blame of the loss on his own shoulders.

Shots don't fall for Terry against Bucks

Terry, one of the NBA's all-time great 3-point shooters, missed 14 of his 15 shot attempts which included him clanking eight of his nine 3-point attempts. To his credit, Terry stood tall when it came time to discuss what was arguably his worst game as a Celtic. "That was frustrating," Terry said of his play. "For me, being a shooter, and getting looks that you wanted and then they're not falling for you, especially when your team needs you most."

Once again, this is an admirable quality in a leader. Then again, looking at that 1-15 box score, I'm tempted to agree with him. Though at the end of the day I know it is a team game and some nights the shots just don't fall.

"We got them great shots; just couldn't make them," said C's coach Doc Rivers. "And I thought as the game went on you know you press more and more to make them and we just couldn't. So, it was one of those games."


The alley-oop play

Forsberg looks at a few silver linings from the overtime loss to the Bucks. One of which was the alley-oop play that gave us enough life allow Pierce to force overtime.

Silver lining: C's clutch finish - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Down five with 29 seconds to go, the Celtics recognized the need to score immediately in order to give themselves a chance to get a stop in a one-possession game. Coach Doc Rivers drew up a ridiculously simple alley-oop play off the inbounds and Jeff Green, coming off a screen from Paul Pierce at the free throw line, caught the long out-of-bounds feed from Rajon Rondo and slammed it home as Boston trimmed its deficit to 88-85 while taking a mere half-second off the clock.

Great play.


"No excuse for the way we are playing" - Ainge

Green Street » Opinion: Danny Ainge correct to sound alarm for Celtics

“We’ve got to prevent those runs by other teams and those droughts that we have at the offensive end and giving up so many lay-ins on the defensive end,” Ainge said. “There’s just no excuse for the way we’re playing. Yeah, you need to take time to find out who we are, but there’s no excuse for giving up 32 points in the paint in a half against Chicago, and there’s no excuse for giving up a 17-0 run to Cleveland.”


Celtics recall Kris Joseph from Maine

via press release

BOSTON - The Boston Celtics announced today that they have recalled forward Kris Joseph from their NBA Development League affiliate, the Maine Red Claws.

Joseph, a 6'7 forward, has appeared in seven games for the Red Claws this season and has posted averages of 20.9 points, 6.0 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 2.0 steals in 38.1 minutes per game. At the time of his recall he was ranked fifth in the NBA Development League in points per game.

And I'm sure he's going right back there soon, but it looks like he'll get a few more days with the team.


The Celtics have a mobile app

Via a press release from the team.

Celtics fans will now be able to follow their team wherever and whenever they want with the new Boston Celtics mobile app, presented by Sprint. The app, produced by Watertown, MA developer Adept mobile is available for download for both the iPhone and Android platforms. Fans can dial **CELTICS (Star Star 2358427) directly from their smartphone to receive an automated link to download the app instantly.

The Boston Celtics mobile app features free live streaming audio of WEEI-FM's radio broadcast as well as an innovative #CelticsTalk twitter function that gives fans in TD Garden the chance to join the conversation in the arena. By tweeting from the app, fans will have a chance to see their tweets displayed on the 360 LED balcony ring in real time, taking in-arena fan engagement to the next level.

I've already downloaded it and I'm impressed. Clean, sleek design. Easy to navigate. Pretty cool features. Just about anything you'd want from a team created app. Well done.


Christmas wishes for every NBA team

Hickory high gathered wish lists from lots and lots of bloggers like myself and posted them for every NBA team. Enjoy.

2012 NBA Wishes | Hickory-High

Like last year, wishes run the gambit from fantastic, to plausible, to fantastically plausible. There are pinings for health and wealth (both financial and of talent). There are desires that stretch the limits of the space-time continuum, and expectations for the simplest pleasures of fandom, like having a competitive team or a team that continues to play in the same city, year to year.


Jason Terry takes a shot at LeBron James

Jason Terry is not shy. I like that.

Terry takes shot at former Celtic Allen

During Terry's post-game spiel about Pierce which included the usual references to him being a future Hall of Famer and one of the greatest Celtics ever, Terry took a not-so-veiled dig at former Celtic Ray Allen. "His (Pierce) willingness to stick through the tough times and not just jump off, 'I'm out of here! I'm going to join forces with Kobe (Bryant),' or 'I'm going to play with Dwyane Wade' -- that's a shot right there," Terry said.

I think that is perhaps more a shot at LeBron James and Dwight Howard, but yeah, a little shot at Ray Allen is probably in there as well.


Celtics not getting to the line a lot

Maybe Doc has a point about the refs. Or maybe the Celtics just aren't being aggressive enough in the paint and on dribble drives.

Who's drawing the whistles - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

The Celtics rank fourth in the league in free throw percentage (79.3), but only 17th in terms of free throws attempted per game (22.1). After Saturday's loss in San Antonio, Celtics coach Doc Rivers lamented his team's inability to get to the charity stripe, noting how free throws not only provide easy points, but allow a team to get back on defense and get set after makes.

Actually, I think the fact that the Celtics have so many jump shooters is what keeps them off the free throw line. But whatever. I'm sure it is all the ref's fault.


Doc upset over fouls discrepency

Not sure if Doc is really blaming the refs for the loss (he did mention that his team looked "fatigued") but he was not happy about the officiating.

Doc's take: Where are the whistles? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"Looking at [the box score], I thought it was a miracle going over the game tonight," Rivers told reporters in San Antonio. "Listen, they go into the fourth quarter with six fouls total? That means they are one heck of a defensive basketball team, they were terrific." When a reporter quipped that Rivers appeared to be dripping with sarcasm, Rivers admitted his frustration. "It was being sarcastic, but, listen, what can you do? It is what it is," said Rivers. "They shot more free throws. Two of our free throws were [the result of] technicals, so we really didn’t even get that [many]. It’s hard to win games on the road when teams go to the line like that and we don’t go to the line."

That's part of the coach's job, to get on the refs. But I don't think the refs won or lost that game for either side. "It is what it is" is right.


Bombs away: Celtics giving up lots of 3's

If you trade baskets and you are letting them hit 3's while you are only getting 2's, simple math tells you that you aren't going to do so well.

C's struggling to defend 3-point line - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Boston's 3-point defense has been thrust into the spotlight in recent games, particularly after the Spurs (12-of-25, 48 percent) and Rockets (10-of-27, 37 percent) bombed away from beyond the arc while sweeping both nights of a Texas back-to-back over the last 48 hours. The Celtics appeared to be settling in with their 3-point defense, allowing opponents to shoot a mere 33 percent from distance during Games 10-20 this season. But the last three games have seen a spike up to 40 percent. Boston must find ways to limit the 3-point damage.

In some respects, you just have to tip your hat to a team that is just making them with high volume. On the other hand, you can do things to rotate and flash to the 3 point line that will limit shooters' open looks. So there's some bad luck and some bad effort going on lately. Hopefully both will turn around soon.


Missed baskets led to buckets on the other end

Here's the pattern that repeated far too often last night. Celtic player has a good look at the basket in the paint, misses, head hangs just long enough for the Rockets to get numbers going the other way, Houston transition bucket. Not a good recipe for success.

Missed opportunities near basket for C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

If you're looking for a culprit in Boston's loss to Houston on Friday night, consider the Celtics' inability to convert around the basket -- and the frustration from those misses that spilled over to the defensive end -- in a 101-89 loss. "We missed a lot of good looks, missed layups, and missed some open jumpers, and that’s all part of the game," Rajon Rondo told reporters in Houston. "That can’t affect the way we get back defensively and Houston took advantage of those opportunities.”

Frustration is part of the game, but the Celtics need to be the one's taking advantage of a frustrated team not the ones getting sideways about missed opportunities.


Doc regrets leaving Rondo in for so long

Rajon Rondo played 53 minutes on Wednesday, and that was just too long for Doc's taste.

Minutes mounted for Celtics’ Big Three - Sports - Boston.com

"I thought the biggest mistake I made, actually, was keeping Rondo in that long," Rivers said. "I took the gamble. Sometimes it’s a good one. Sometimes it’s a bad one. I didn’t think this was a good one. I just thought he got tired." As Rivers said, "I thought we started walking the ball up the floor. I thought our tempo changed in the fourth quarter . . . I thought that had an impact on him, and on the speed of the game."


Ed Lacerete honored with O'Toole Award

Congrats to Ed Lacerete.

Lacerte receives O'Toole Award - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Boston Celtics trainer Ed Lacerte received the 2011-12 Joe O'Toole Athletic Trainer of the Year award presented by the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association during halftime of Wednesday's double-overtime win over the Dallas Mavericks. Lacerte, now in his 26th season with the Celtics, is Doc Rivers' righthand man when it comes to injuries (Rivers loves to joke that 'Doc' is just a nickname) and Lacerte's efforts are not lost on Boston's head coach. "Eddie is probably the hardest-working man in the league right now with some of our guys," said Rivers. "He’s here all night. So I’m very proud of him."

Good to know our guys are in good hands.


Celtics hit the road

On the road again, the Celtics look to capture some of that 2008 magic.


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Bradley's rehab: football, boxing, hanging on rims

CSNNE's Jessica Camerato checks in on Avery Bradley's rehab, including unconventional methods like boxing and football to get his shoulders ready for the rigors of the NBA game.


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Who has been clutch on the Celtics this year?

The clock is winding down, you have to get a score, who do you give the ball to? Paul Pierce is the name that most would think of first. Or perhaps Rajon Rondo, despite his poor showing in Friday night's overtime loss. Or even Kevin Garnett or Jason Terry. I wonder, however, how far down the list you'd get before coming up with Jeff Green's name. Yet when Ben Rohrbach broke down the numbers (with "clutch" meaning "either team within five points with five minutes remaining in regulation and overtime") here are the surprising results.

Green Street " Irish Coffee: How Celtics perform in clutch situations

After finishing as one of the 10 best scorers in the clutch last season, Pierce has been atrocious this year, shooting 26.1 percent (down from 51.0% a year ago). He’s gotten to the rim only once in almost 60 minutes of clutch play. In fact, he’s shooting just 1-of-11 inside the 3-point line in such situations.

For all his faults this season, Green has been the C’s best performer in the clutch, averaging 38.4 points (60.0 FG%, 60.0 3P%, 100.0 FT%) and 14.9 rebounds per 48 minutes. Now, if only the Celtics could get him to play with that much assertiveness the rest of the game.

Check the link for more interesting stats and bullets on several players (KG and Rondo have been pretty good this year).

Obviously Jeff Green isn't getting plays called for him in the clutch. So he's the beneficiary of team collapsing on Garnett or helping on Pierce or Rondo or whomever. Still, you need guys that can step up and fill that role when you need them and so far it seems like Jeff Green is doing his job well.

Oh, and I tend to think that over the course of the year Paul Pierce's stats are going to even out a bit. Call me an optimist but he's done it so often in the past that I can't not believe in him.


Wilcox is awesome on offense

How would you like a guy that scores 7 times for every 10 shots he takes? Those are pretty good averages if you ask me. That's what Chris Wilcox is doing (albeit with a smallish sample size).

Wilcox's energy leading to easy buckets - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Less than nine months removed from surgery to repair an enlarged aorta that cut his 2011-12 season short, the 30-year-old Wilcox is quietly averaging 4.5 points and 2.3 rebounds over 13.1 minutes per game. Maybe most noteworthy, Wilcox is shooting a staggering 70.8 percent from the floor, which would easily be a Celtics' franchise record if he could reach the minimum-attempt threshold.

Offensively, Wilcox has been rather spectacular. He actually ranks in the 99th percentile among all NBA players, averaging a whopping 1.232 points per play overall, according to Synergy Sports data. The majority of Wilcox's points come off cuts in the offensive end, sneaking into the paint when the defense collapse on Boston's shooters. Yes, he can run with Rondo, but his transition numbers don't leap off the page.

How does he do it? Check the link above and you'll see that all his points are in the paint. And it is a good bet a large percentage of them are assisted by Rajon Rondo. So there you have it. Chris Wilcox, offensive juggernaut.


Rondo nominated for Player of the Week

Rajon Rondo returned from his suspension with a vengeance.

Rondo nominated for Player of the Week - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

For the second time this season, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was nominated for the Eastern Conference Player of the Week honor, but was edged by a member of the Atlanta Hawks. In three games since returning from suspension, Rondo has averaged 13.3 points, 12 assists, and 7.7 rebounds per game, posting a triple-double during Friday's loss to the Philadelphia 76ers (and nearly producing another in Saturday's rematch).

The Hawk that won the award: Josh Smith - hey, wouldn't it be neat if they played on the same team. I'm sure none of you have thought about that.


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Celtics will take a few days off

Doc always has to be mindful of the balance between rest and practice time. Sounds like he's opting for rest after a back-to-back that included an overtime period. Probably a smart thing.

On the schedule: rest, holiday cheer - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

With a three-day break in the schedule, Celtics coach Doc Rivers is sticking with a desire to maximize rest. While Boston players undoubtedly will be at the team's training facility over the next two days for treatment, workouts and light shooting, the team won't reconvene on the floor until Tuesday.

Rest. Doctor's orders.


Wilcox fined $25K for obscene gesture

Chris Wilcox was fined $25,000 for making an obscene gesture to Philly fans in Friday night's loss to the Sixers.

Celtics’ Wilcox fined $25K for obscene gesture toward fans | The Point Forward - SI.com

The incident, which occurred during a fourth quarter timeout with the score tied at 74, was not visible on the nationally televised broadcast of the game. Somewhat unusually, Wilcox was not even in the game when the incident took place with the Boston Globe reporting that Wilcox flipped off the camera while being shown on the jumbotron’s "kiss cam" alongside teammate Jared Sullinger.

Obviously he was having fun with the kiss cam folks, but it isn't exactly a classy move.


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Herald C’s divisional woes go on with OT loss
Jason Terry’s shot on leave
Jason Terry’s shot on leave
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Celtic Paul Pierce at Amex pop-up store at Faneuil Hall Sunday
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Rondo: 'I should have took the layup'

Sometimes things just happen in a ballgame. Rondo slipped when he got the pass. As KG said, "ballgame."

Rondo: 'I should have took the layup' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo lamented his decision to pull up for a baseline jumper on the final possession of overtime, admitting he likely had enough time and space to complete a potential winning layup. Instead, Rondo airballed an off-balance 16-foot jumper at the buzzer, allowing the Philadelphia 76ers to escape with a 95-94 overtime triumph at the Wells Fargo Center. "I should have took the layup," said Rondo. "I tried to make a plant and just slipped."

I wonder if his indecision to shoot or drive led to the slip. Sometimes that momentary doubt is enough to throw you off balance.

Oh well. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.


Terry puts the loss on himself (again)

This is becoming somewhat of a habit for Jason Terry, taking the blame for a team loss. Could he have helped? Sure. But it was a team loss no matter how you spin it. Still, admirable attitude from the veteran leader here.

Jason Terry’s shot on leave - BostonHerald.com

"Oh man, looks. If this game was only about looks, then it was all night tonight," said Terry. "We got every look we wanted. I always look at myself first, and if I made even one shot, that’s the difference in the ballgame. Being the competitor that I am, I can almost bet on myself. I will bet on myself tomorrow. If I get those same looks, they’re going down."

I have a feeling his shot will be falling tonight.


Courtney Lee laments airball 3 pointer

I didn't realize it at the time, but Courtney Lee was coming in cold off the bench when he got that pass. Still, he's got to be able to do better than an airball.

Courtney Lee disappointed over missed 3-pointer -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"I mean I know Doc (Rivers) talked to the media and probably said it was unfair that I was sitting like 12 minutes (before the shot) but it doesn’t matter," Lee said. "NBA players we get paid to play this game. At least, I got hit the rim and give us a chance to get the offensive rebound. I didn’t do that so I’m very disappointed in myself. "I know when I took the shot, I was stiff so I overshot it to try to make sure it got there. But I put a little too much umph in it. I gotta be able to make the shot or hit the rim, at least."

Oh well, maybe next time Court.


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Zero Percent Title Shot?
Regular Season Game-18: Minnesota Timberwolves @ Boston Celtics 94-104
CLNS Radio Game #18 Recap: Boston Celtics Cruise Past Minnesota Timberwolves, 104-94
Garnett, Celtics beat Timberwolves 104-94
Garnett, Rondo Lead Celtics Past Wolves
Inside the Celtics Locker Room: A/V Game Coverage vs Wolves
Celtics Post Game Show vs Timberwolves - On Demand
Rondo Is a Man of Few Words
Red's Army Gang Green episode 6.9… a.k.a. the Rondo episode
Recap: KG, Celtics control Wolves
Your Morning Dump… Where it took Rondo 2 seconds to get back into rhythm

Celtics.com That's What He Said - Timberwolves at Celtics
Ford Keys to the Game: Celtics 104, T'Wolves 94
CSNNE Much Love on the boards
Bradley to begin practicing again in 10 days
Rondo returns, Celtics top Timberwolves, 104-94
Love: Garnett 'does whatever he needs to do' to win
Stiemsma: Minnesota 'was a better fit for this season'
Terry on Rondo: 'It was great to have him back; he's our leader'
Comcast Business Edge Postgame Report
Bass rebounds in C's win over Timberwolves
Celtics-Wolves review: C's overcome second-quarter issues
Celtics Hub Celtics-Timberwolves Grades

NESN Report: Celtics Have Considered Erick Dampier, But Haven’t Spoken With Kenyon Martin
Doc Rivers Has No Objections to New Orleans Name Change, But Thinks It Should Be ‘Jazz’
Celtics Live Blog: Brandon Bass, Kevin Garnett Lead Way as C’s Surge Back for 104-94 Win Over Timberwolves
Kevin Garnett Must Break His Instinct to Be Unselfish on Offense as Celtics Become More Careful With His Playing Time
Celtics Town Analyzing Jeff Green’s pros and cons after his latest two good games
No Love: Celtics top Timberwolves 104-94
Doc Rivers: ‘There’s the Hall of Fame, and then there’s the table at the Hall of Fame. And KG is at the table’
Green Street Avery Bradley: ‘I feel like we’re a lot closer’
Doc Rivers: ‘Just glad’ Austin Rivers is playing while Avery Bradley provides ‘great news’
Fast Break: Whole lotta Kevin Love can’t stop Celtics
Rajon Rondo loves short answers, winter hats
Kevin Garnett: Being called soft ‘still lives in the back of our minds’
Mass Live Kevin Garnett playing against former team, Minnesota Timberwolves: A look at musical memories and Garnett's time with the Boston Celtics

Celtics Title Town Celtics Morning Joe: "Having Rondo back was big for us"
KG undefeated against his former team
The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 18 vs the Wolves
SI.com Gerald Wallace: Brooklyn Nets forward fined for second flop
Stern says $250,000 fine for Spurs was ‘not about a coaching decision’
Stern says NBA won’t hold up Pelicans name change for Hornets
Dunking with Wolves Game Recap: Celtics 104, Timberwolves 94
Star Tribune Wolves go south in loss at Boston
Stiemsma returns to Boston
Sportsality Keyon Dooling Speaks To DLHQ On Overcoming Being Abused As A Child

Twin Cities Minnesota Timberwolves' Greg Stiemsma still popular in Boston
Minnesota Timberwolves: Doc Rivers' 'D' gives Celtics a victory

Press Herald Skidding Red Claws play at Erie
Go Erie Rival big men set to collide in D-League showdown
MetroWest Daily News Post-deadline Celtics thoughts: Rookie Jared Sullinger rises up while under the weather
Florida Today Ray Allen has Miami Heat cool in clutch
Enterprise News Kevin Garnett leads way against his former team
Telegram Former Celtic Greg Stiemsma draws a pack
Grantland The Thunder Are Better Than We Thought They Were Going to Be
Sun Sentinel Possible Heat solutions: Kenyon Martin, Delonte West?
SB Nation Kevin Garnett can't stop, won't stop


Avery Bradley has a timetable

Let the countdown begin. After almost six months of rehab, it looks like Avery Bradley could be returning to the court sometime in the new year.


Boston Celtics Daily Links 12/5

Herald Celts PG Rajon Rondo on suspension: I was glued in front of the TV
Tuesday practice notes: Doc on Rondo
Celtics’ Doc Rivers hopes Rajon Rondo stays within himself in return
Green tackle identity problem
Posting Up With Sully: The Buckeye weighs in on OSU football
No apologies, regrets
Globe Returning Rondo missed interaction
Waiting for NBA chance, Kenyon Martin hasn’t heard from Celtics
A quick thought on the Rajon Rondo fight, featuring a cameo by brawlin' Doc Rivers

Celtics Green Preview: Timberwolves (8-8) at Celtics (9-8) 12/5
Jason Terry is a Celtic - The Shooting Contest
Just Call Him Senor Rondo
November Bloopers
Random Thoughts on Perk and Pelicans
Some Celtics' News Odds and Ends
CelticsBlog Keyon Dooling on Rajon Rondo & no lessons learned during suspension
Celtics look to rebound vs. T-Wolves
Doc happy with the direction Celtics are headed
Celtics not interested in Kenyon Martin; may bring in Dampier
Paul for Pau: would you?
Celtic Thunder Comments from the Other Side -OKC/Nets 12/4

ESPN No settle in Sullinger
Rondo glad to be back with team
Doc: C's headed in right direction
Getting their minds right
W2W4: Celtics vs. Wolves (Game 18 of 82)
#Chargewatch: Rondo tops on team
Boston Celtics answered Doc Rivers' call for tougher mindset
Lex Nihil Novi Shaq was an Underachiever
The Walton-Parish Connection Made the 5-Spot in Boston One of Historic Greatness
10 Auerbachian Coups
Grampa Celtic Talks Shaq
Wolves Crush Sixers, Play Boston Tonight
Where are We at After 20 Games?
Garnett (23, 16, 5) Leads Wolves over Bullets (03-04)

Celtic Nation El título de división … ¿en peligro?
State of the Celtics: Observations and Conclusions
Red's Army Buy a cool print of Paul Pierce and help the Shamrock Foundation
Courtney Lee says best is yet to come for this year’s squad
Rondo, Mexico, and media mind games
Doc talks Rondo, TWolves & more at today’s practice
Your Morning Dump….where Rondo has no regrets and took a vacation
CSNNE Celtics hope to keep Minnesota's Love off the glass
Rondo returns, hopes to put Celtics on right track
Celtics Talk TV | The roller coaster ride of the Celtics
Celtics-Timberwolves preview: Winning the second quarter
Barbosa (illness) probable for game vs. Timberwolves

NESN Celtics, Knicks Early Favorites in NBA’s Competitive Atlantic Division
Al Jefferson Could Lead Celtics’ Wish List for Big Man to Fill Hole Down Low
Rajon Rondo Says He Spent Weekend In Mexico During His Two-Game Suspension

Report: Celtics Have Considered Erick Dampier, But Haven’t Spoken With Kenyon Martin
Celtics Hub Turn Up the Bass!
Celtics Town Erick Dampier interests Boston Celtics but they haven’t talked to Kenyon Martin, according to report
Green Street Irish Coffee: Why Atlantic Division matters to Celtics
Rajon Rondo messes with reporters, admits time away from Celtics ‘was difficult’
Paul Pierce and Celtics get another chance to prove their toughness against Kevin Love
Celtics Title Town C's show some interest in Dampier
Hangtime Blogs Report: Hornets Set For Name Change
Blogtable: Somebody Please Fix This

SI.com Report: New Orleans Hornets to change name to Pelicans in 2013-14?
Court Vision: Lakers lose again, this time without Gasol
Oklahoma City Thunder outlast Brooklyn Nets behind Kevin Durant
Enterprise News Celtics guard Courtney Lee making progress
Leandro Barbosa misses practice again
CELTICS NOTEBOOK: Kevin Love presents rebounding challenge

Rajon Rondo ready for his return to Celtics’ lineup

Bleacher Report Preaching Panic or Patience with Aging Boston Celtics
Not-so-Obvious Lessons Rajon Rondo Must Take Away from Suspension
Star Tribune It's Kevin vs. Kevin again, and Love is still a KG fan
Hoopsworld NBA PM: Which Free Agents Are Left?

The Justice Frustration surrounding Rondo’s ejection representative of Celtics’ problems
Yahoo Kendrick Perkins soothes egos, resolves issues in Thunder locker room
Sportsando Semih Erden: 'I will return to the NBA stronger than before'
MetroWest Daily News Celtics' Rondo returns, though maybe not wiser
Busted Coverage Someone Found Rajon Rondo’s ID At Last Night’s 2 Chainz Show In Boston


Doc happy with the direction C's are headed

All things considered, Doc sees progress in the last two games.


Celtics look to rebound vs. T-Wolves

How many rebounds do you think Kevin Love will get tonight?


KD on #9 & no lessons learned during suspension

After retiring this summer, Keyon Dooling has returned to the Celtic organization in a player development role. Once lauded as a positive influence in Boston's locker room and more specifically on Rondo, KD opens up about the point guard and his maturation.


Boston Celtics Daily Links 12/4

Herald Courtney Lee takes full advantage
Short on numbers, C’s work on communication
Celtics Keyon Dooling gets point
A rested development
Globe Globe 10.0 - Are the Celtics Soft?
Courtney Lee looks to get more aggressive offensively for Celtics
Celtics Green Top 10 Assists of the Month
Rookie Round-Up: Sullinger Continues to Contribute
Grading The C's

CelticsBlog Practice notes: old guys get day off
Doc to Courtney Lee: stop thinking
Age old question: are the Celtics just getting too old?
Celtic Thunder The Ever-Quotable Perk
Bleacher Report Boston Celtics Player Power Rankings Based on November Performance
The NBA's Best Shooters from Each Area on the Floor
Boston Celtics: Rajon Rondo's Assists Streak Ending Will Lead to More Wins
ESPN Backup Collins emerges as Plan C
Power Rankings: C's fall to No. 13
Practice: Rest day for 35+ club
Wilcox block highlights skeleton practice
Game of 1-on-1 with coach helps Lee
Signs of optimism ahead?
Uneven Boston Celtics seeing signs for optimism

Lex Nihil Novi Dave Cowens: The Induction Speech
Grampa Celtic Talks #18
Walton and Cowens Ponder an End to Retirement
Grading the Centers Circa 1978
Walton to Red: I'll Do Whatever It Takes to Get Onto Your Team
CLNS Radio Anderson Varejao on the market? Are the Boston Celtics a fit?
Uneven Boston Celtics seeing signs for optimism
It's all about Celtics: The Fab Melo issue
Light schedule ahead for the Boston Celtics
Celtics Brotherhood It's all about Celtics: The Fab Melo issue

Red's Army Rondo is one of the NBA’s best mid-range shooters
Practice Report: Vets get a rest
Happy Holidays from the Celtics dancers
Celtics.com Eventful Week Leads to Lee's Emergence
CSNNE Photo Gallery | Six degrees of Jason Collins
Celtics hoping to make most of extra time off
Celtics' Green, Lee adjusting to reserve roles
Celtics Town Pierce, Garnett, Terry and Barbosa don’t practice with the team
Celtics Title Town The accountabilty, and ultimate pro
Today's Practice notes for 12/3
Celtics Morning Joe: Lee sits down with Doc

Hangtime Blogs Kobe: ‘Big-Boy Pants’ For Pau!
‘Sheed Tossed; Real Or Reputation?
Pistons Working To Save Their Season, Refill Once-Packed Palace
SI.com Vancouver Grizzlies entire practice court for sale on Craigslist
Roberto Gato Off the Ball Fouls On Guys like Dwight Howard, Shaq Should Be Called Intentional -
Herald News Celtics’ Jeff Green works to get his ‘rhythm’ back
Slam Online Rasheed Wallace’s Teammates Say He Was Unfairly Ejected
Pro Basketball Talk Celtics ‘wary’ of bringing in Kenyon Martin to fill team’s roster spot
SB Nation Dwight Howard says desire for championship could lead him away from Lakers
Dimemag The 14 Strangest Fines, Ejections & Suspensions In NBA History
Real GM Ray Allen's Departure Still Lingers For Celtics


Practice notes: old guys get day off

The thirtysomethings got the day off to rest and recover while the rest of the squad worked on communication.


Boston Celtics Daily Links 12/3

Herald Jason Terry is team builder
LeBron James chosen as SI’s Sportsman of the Year
Orlando beats Dwight Howard’s Lakers in reunion

Celtics put a spur in Stern’s side
Doc mourns man who gave moniker
Globe Danny Ainge said he’s confident that Rajon Rondo will learn from his latest suspension
Adjustments with Celtics no problem for veteran Jason Terry
Celtics coach Doc Rivers knows life is more important than basketball

Celtics Green Random Thoughts on Rondo, Refs, Rebounding, and More
Comments from the Other Side - Bucks 12/1
Red Claws Drop 2nd Straight Game at Home (Full Game Video)
CelticsBlog Doc mourns the passing of his mentor
Avery Bradley "very close" to return
CelticsBlog: state of the blog address
ESPN Doc on Majerus: He 'gave me my name'
Doc's thoughts: 'I'm not mad at all'
State your emergency: Lee and 3's
Joseph reassigned to Maine
Minor turbulence won't detour JET

CLNS Radio Boston Celtics News from Around the Web: Daily Links for Monday, 12/3
Boston Celtics Weekly Wrap Up - Dec. 2, 2012
Power Rankings: Week 5
Lex Nihil Novi Fat Sheed: How's He Doin'?
McHale Goes for 32 & 11, as C's Dump Moses and Sixers (85-86)
1971-72 Lakers Escape with W, Avoid Falling Behind 2-0 in WCFs
No. 5 choice sent to Sonics for Ray Allen (07-08)
C's Lose Again, Despite Jumping to 17-0 Lead
KG Goes for 47 and 17 against Amare
Dave Cowens Explains How a Kentucky Boy Ended Up Playing at Florida State
Dave Cowens Talks about His Dad
Celtic Nation Captain Fantastic – The Bob Cousy Interview

Red's Army Enemy Chatter: Marquis Daniels and Mbah a Moute played tough defense on Pierce
Celtkicks Spotlight: “IamJeffreyJason”
Photo Gallery: Celtics-Bucks
Your Morning Dump… Where Doc loves Jason Terry
CSNNE Mailbag: What would Red do?
Majerus remembered fondly by coaches
Terry shoulders blame for C's loss
Marshall: Everything we looked for tonight happened
Bucher: KG only shot blocker on Celtics
Sanders: With no Rondo we knew we could pressure
Celtics miss floor leader Rondo vs. Bucks
Max on C's up-and-down weekend

NESN Doc Rivers Lauds Rick Majerus, Recalls When Memorable College Basketball Coach ‘Gave Me My Name’
Celtics Hub Celtics-Bucks Grades
Green Street Paul Pierce: ‘When we set the tone defensively, that’s the Celtics I know’
Celtics Title Town The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 17 vs the Bucks ( Part 2 of 2)
Celtics Morning Joe: It's December, and it's almost time for Bradley
Hangtime Blogs Majerus’ Hoops Impact, Friendships Transcended NBA, NCAA Lines
Duncan Having Season For The Ageless
SI.com Garnett: Rivers calling Celtics ‘soft’ was ‘disturbing’
Mavericks’ Cuban agrees with Stern’s fine of Spurs
Press Herald Red Claws get worked over by Skyforce
Claws falter down stretch, lose at home
Red Claws Notebook: Suspension, ailments lead to call-up for Joseph

Enterprise News Kris Joseph sent back to Red Claws
Celtics Joseph reassigned to Maine Red Claws

Celtics remain stuck in mediocrity

Examiner Allen paying dividends for Heat - Miami Miami Heat
NY Times Routine Win for Knicks, Except for Ejection of Rasheed Wallace
Posting and Toasting Here's why Rasheed Wallace only played 1:25 today
NBA.com NBA Development League: Prospect Watch 2012-13: Week Two
JS Online Bucks 91, Celtics 88 - Added defensive pressure makes the difference for Bucks
Sanders superb again as Bucks edge Celtics
Brew Hoop Final score: Milwaukee Bucks 91, Boston Celtics 88
Telegram NBA: Celtics' Rajon Rondo point man for fans, critics


Jason Terry takes the blame

Jason Terry is a stand up guy. He blew the coverage on that late Jennings three pointer but he knows it and he's man enough to take the blame.

Minor turbulence won't detour JET - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Terry didn’t run for cover after the late-game woes. "Being a 14-year veteran, I can't make that crucial mistake and leave Brandon Jennings in the end," Terry told reporters in Milwaukee. "I told everybody that I'll take this one on my shoulders." While praising Terry on Friday, Rivers noted that Terry’s ability to make up for his lack of defensive prowess with pure grit was "a great lesson for some of our younger guys."

Obviously Terry did a lot of good things and he wasn't the only reason the team lost. But it was a good veteran example for him to take ownership of a mistake and show the kids how to respond in situations like that. Everyone makes mistakes, it is how you react and learn from them that counts.


Doc: Good job, good effort

Remember the kid at the end of Game 5 saying "good job, good effort" to the Miami Heat? It sounded sarcastic at the time but it turns out that the kid was just a big fan trying to encourage his favorite team. That is what these comments from Doc remind me of.

Celtics turn from dominant to dismal in loss - Celtics - Boston.com

"Overall, I thought our guys really played hard; we did everything we could do," he said. "We missed a lot of good shots down the stretch. It was a tough loss. I’m not mad at all. We had a bad rotation leaving Jennings but that was effort again. They made some shots and we missed some."

It can't be that simple - but to be fair, it sounds like Doc was distracted by the death of Rick Majerus and probably just wanted the press conference to be over quickly.


Avery Bradley "very close" to return

Get healthy, but come back soon.


Boston Celtics Daily Links 12/1

Herald Nothing soft about C’s
NBA roundup: Thunder hold off Jazz 104-96, sweep homestand
Courtney Lee lights spark as C’s pound Portland
David Stern fine Spurs thoughts from Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers will point in-house to spell guard
Celts cruise without Rondo, top Blazers 96-78
Globe Final, Celtics 96-Trailblazers 78
Jeff Green leads Celtics over Trail Blazers with 19 points
Danny Ainge said he’s confident that Rajon Rondo will learn from his latest suspension
Rondo-less Celtics cruise to victory over Trail Blazers

Celtics Green Comments from the Other Side - Blazers 11/30
Preview and Official Report - Celtics (9-7) at Bucks (7-7) 12/1
Don't Covet Thy Neighbor's Players
Putting Out The Blaze
Underrated Stat of the Night
Red Claws Drop Home Opener to D-Fenders 97-94 (video)
The Best of Tommy - Blazers 11/30
CelticsBlog Celtics' Rivers reacts to Stern's ridiculous $250,000 fine of Spurs
Celtics Postgame Show vs Blazers, on-demand!
Three at the Buzzer: Rondo-less Celtics Blowout Blazers, 96-78
The Garden Report: Jeff Green Flies and Celtics Beat Blazers
Celtics final score: Boston rips Portland 96-78
Celtic Thunder Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Jazz 11/30

ESPN Rivers on Spurs' fine: 'I don't like it'
Rapid Reaction: Celtics 96, Blazers 78
Green: 'I've got to continue to attack'
Assists all around for C's
Forsberg: C's squash 'soft' talk
Do manageable minutes matter?
W2W4: Celtics vs. Bucks (Game 17 of 82)
Boston Celtics squash Doc Rivers' "soft" talk by blowing out Portland
Lex Nihil Novi Grampa Celtic Talks 72-73, 85-86, and 07-08
The Two Best Basketball Players Ever?
Celtics Continue Mastery Over Portland Under Doc Rivers
KG: Ain't Done Yet

Celtic Nation C’s Bounce Back
Regular Season Game-16: Portland Trail Blazers @ Boston Celtics 78-96.
In Sync
Red's Army LaMarcus Aldridge on KG: “…he couldn’t punk me”
Recap: No Rondo? No problem..
Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics have to get their culture right
Jeff Green Unveils the Jordan Brand Aero Flight
Taking Stock: Celtics – Trailblazers
CSNNE Ainge: I've spoken to Rondo about suspensions
Ainge: C's can solve rebounding woes internally

Mailbag: Rondo suspension was 'overkill'
Celtics blaze Portland, 96-78
For Pavlovic, fond memories of Boston
Bench delivers first-rate performance for Celtics
Celtics prove they're still a defensive power
Garnett: We have to be tough
Green settling into roles for Celtics
Comcast Business Edge Postgame Report
Lee wears many hats against Blazers
Progress report: Sullinger makes the grade
Joseph learning patience, maturity with Celtics
Celtics-Bucks preview: Keep the defense going
Felger: 'I would take anyone in the NHL over KG in a fight'

NESN Celtics Live Blog: Jeff Green Scores 19 Points to Lead C’s to Easy Victory Over Portland 96-78
Courtney Lee, Celtics Respond to Doc Rivers Calling Them Soft By Routing Blazers
Jason Terry Is ‘Fun’ Player Who Doc Rivers Thinks Everyone Should Have Opportunity to Coach
Doc Rivers on Resting Celtics Players: ‘We’ll Do It When We Want to Do It’
Celtics Hub Gino! Celtics 96, Blazers 78
Celtics Town Rondo is still a good basketball player
No Rondo? No problem: Celtics cruise past Blazers 96-78
Courtney Lee tweets fake 911 message calling about missing jump shot
Green Street Irish Coffee: Kevin Garnett’s Secret Santa
Doc Rivers really feels for Gregg Popovich and the $250,000 fine
Fast Break: No Rajon Rondo, no problem; Celtics smoke Blazers
Kevin Garnett doesn’t like to be called soft
Courtney Lee: Doc Rivers ‘can continue to call us soft … if it wakes us up’
Doc Rivers: ‘We’ve got a long way to go but we’re getting better’
Kris Joseph sees Red Claws as Celtics opportunity

Celtics Title Town Celtics Morning Joe: The Celtics have best defensive performance of the season
C's answer the soft label
Rondology: Shades of Leadership
Hangtime Blogs The Questions David Stern Must Answer
LaRue Martin, Antoine Walker Show Value Of, Need For NBRPA
SI.com Gregg Popovich: Media reaction to benching of several San Antonio Spurs starters
Van Gundy slams Stern over Spurs fine
Rivers backs Popovich after Stern fines Spurs
Press Herald Steve Solloway: Fans win, even when Claws lose
Red Claws come close in home opener
CBC.CA Raptors coach credits Mickael Pietrus for bringing 'juice' to new team

MetroWest Daily News Celtics Notebook: Depth to be tested
Telegram Boston Celtics prove Doc Rivers wrong
9News Celtics make a stop at Milwaukee
NY Times Are the Celtics Losing Their Defensive Identity?
Opposing Views What’s Going on with the Boston Celtics?
WLVZ 2 Red Claws drop home opener
WEEI Doc: 'We've got to get our culture right'
Blazers Edge Blazers Suffer Letdown, Meltdown vs. Celtics
Menafn NBA D-League: Red Claws light up Expo, but lose home-opener
Yahoo The 10-man rotation, starring the very, very loyal Rajon Rondo | Ball Don't Lie
Fox Sports Boston Celtics must decide if Rajon Rondo is worth the trouble
Lucid Sports Fan Crazy night at the Garden, and my take on the end of "the streak"
Slate David Stern punishes Gregg Popovich for being smart.

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