Trade Idea: Rajon Rondo for Al Horford or Jeff Teauge, Zaza Pachulia, and first round draft pick

There has been a lot of talk about bringing in Josh Smith to be with his Oak Hill Academy running mate Rajon Rondo; but the despite the many gifts that Rondo brings, his petulance (lack of leadership), his gambling on defense, and inability to shoot free throws, has me thinking of other pastures.

I don't think Danny Ferry, in his right mind, would let a character player like Al Horford go, but it is worth a try; but I would be fine with the up and coming Teauge, legitimate bad boy Zaza, and draft pick.

With guys like Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday, Damian Lillard, Jeff Teauge, and John Wall coming on, we should not be wedded to the over-hyped idea that Rondo is sacred cow in terms of his competition or the future of the Celtics. Despite all the talk, this team still comes and goes with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and the fact is when they leave in two to three years, we will have another decision to give Rondo a max contract or look for other talent.

To be fair, Rondo has the ability to be lock-down defender and get his steals the old fashion way (ala Chris Paul). We can talk about his team, his attitude, his ability to get along with teammates, assist records (that sometimes is a mis-leading stat), but I want my guard to defend the right way in the Celtics system, as DEFENSE is our identity.

The facts of the matter is that Ray Allen did an admirable job with his defensive job, as he was relegated to the two-guard; Rondo's eye lit up as he was able to use the big brother approach for Avery Bradley to guard his man while he roamed and further gambled on the two guard. Now that Allen and Bradley are going, suddenly the Celtics look like a high school JV team in terms of dribble penetration and guarding he pick and roll. I am not going to get all hot and bothered by the fact that Jason Terry, Leandro Barbosa are who we thought they were and Courtney Lee is on a learning curve. The facts of the matter is that Rondo has been doing this for years and the back end has covered for him.

Like Danny Ainge, I happen to think Avery Bradley is "special", and we are beginning to see why he was at one point rated ahead of John Wall as the best prospect coming out of high school. Quite frankly Avery Bradley might be the heir apparent to Kevin Garnett in the "Identity" and the "Celtics WAY", and might be something we want to build around. To be be more pointed he brings the same energy to every game and every play. I think it is time to bring someone like Jeff Teague in, who still has more upside, to man the point, while Bradley handles the shooting guard responsibilities. Another fact is that we need out point guard to get to the charity strip 3-5 times a game and knock shoot a good percentage; Rondo is back in the 50% range and only getting to the line barley two times a game.

Zaza would be an upgrade over Darko Milicic and we need a hard hat to keep opponents on edge; we cannot ask nice guys like Chris Wilcox and Jared Sullinger to be something they are not.

Point is there is value in the point guard market place with, in my opinion, Chris Paul is head and shoulders about the rest. Instead of us saying who we are going to build around and who would be fun to "up-tempo" run with the young Rondo, I think we should be saying what is the Celtics identity and I think it is "suffocating defense" where you never take off a play and I think the answer logically Avery Bradley; give him the max deal and build around that.

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