A month ago the Spurs came into our Home,
Seemed Cs' focus on defense that night did roam.
Lee is starting again, off the bench is JET,
Tho' Doc says he doesn't know anyone's place yet.

(Doc's kids grew up here, there's a place in his heart)...
Captain P, Lee and KG off to a good start.
Early shoving battle between Duncan and KG,
Parker vs. Rondo so much fun to see.

Q1 Spurs played smoothly, like they've played together,
Cs down 5, Spurs offense they did weather.
One thing that playing at home will do,
Q1, Spurs no fouls-not one, not two!

Cs a 10-2 run at the top of Q2,
Then the refs took over--you know how they do?
Rondo's fast break--gotta love it the most,
Allowed Captain P to go coast to coast!

Pierce for three, for three, JET a three, plus three more,
The latter off the bench--before Q3 and Q4!
First half the Spurs picked apart the Cs' D,
Still Cs only down 3 to start Q3.

Cs shut down Duncan, he had no feel,
But what about Splitter, Parker and Neal?
Spurs 11-0 run, tho' the Cs played good D,
Spurs always pass to the open guy they see.

Spurs another run, despite Cs' pretty good D
Spurs lead by 8 at the end of Q3.
Cs' offense struggles when the guy they call short--
Rajon Rondo--is off the court.

Lee hard to the hoop, then Jeff Green Number Eight,
For him to come to life we shouldn't have to wait!
Doc is hot off the bench, in every ref's ear,
He does not like what has been going on here!

Cs are not playing poorly, they keep hanging in,
But missing so many shots they cannot win.
Late Q4 the Spurs found their groove,
On Parker's one after another acrobatic move.

At the end of Q4, energy the Cs lack,
Shots are short--2nd of back-to-back.
Anderson, Decolo, hardly a recognizable name,
Cs by 15 lost this game.

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