The only way to get an impact player is to trade one...Love of Rondo or Rondo for Love.Think like Danny

Please stop trading Fab Melo and Sullinger....please? Stop packaging Jeff Green...ok? They simply won't get you anything.

Folks have been asking for an impact player. Kevin Love with his work ethic and stats is the apple of Ainge's eye. How the hell can he get him?

One way an impact player. Who would that be?

Rajon Rondo is the only tradeable impact player on the roster .

"Oh God a Rondo trade! Oh no what will we do without Rondo? He's the best guard in the NBA!"...Stop there.

You said it, not me. Rondo is a top player and so is Love. At least this has a chance.

Trades are about individual team situations....then add probability.

Fantasy leagues do not provide a proving ground for NBA GMs. In the real world, making a big deal is a big deal. The GM's involved must have a gun to their head. Minnesota had to get value for KG and Ainge delivered.

You want a trade? So does your GM. What does your GM want and why?

Ainge wants what KG brought years ago. A franchise big man for the future. He has the franchise coach. He has Paul and KG who are losing a little more as each year passes. He has Rondo, Bradley and who? Sullinger?

Please think like a GM now.

TWolves? I have "the best guard in the you want him?"

Well, now let's they need him enough to overvalue him? Maybe, but, "maybe" will not get you a deal.

OK, ok....who has lots of in a difficult predicament and would overvalue the living spit out of Rajon Rondo?

The Los Angeles Lakers. Are you thinking like a GM yet? Review the KG trade again. This is how things work.

The hated Lakers would overvalue Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics would overvalue Kevin Love.

Now we are in the game....EXCEPT we need sumpin' for da wolves.

Fourth team? Who wants to play in Minnie? Another lumberjack type?

I got you a player (Kevin Love and Twolves might be on outs) and the general circumstance (an equal talent in Rondo whom Ainge would trade for Love) that might get him.

(of course the Celtics and Lakers would throw in 16 other players to make deal work, but who cares? Ainge overvales Love and LA overvalues Rondo that is the deal)

Live with it or back to trying to find a GM who will overvalue Jeff Green like Danny did....good luck.

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