Core issues with Celtics....Are KG and Pierce bench players?

Ainge wants Pierce off the bench and has stated so. Kevin is gassed at the end of games. Depending on the schedule, neither of them practice very much as they need the rest.

Would the Celtics be better with these two players coming in at the 9 minute mark and averaging "Jeff Green minutes?"

If .500 is your goal, then this would be unnecessary. But, as things are crazy ideas like this offer some debate.

Of course you have no one to replace KG with...that's obvious, But he will be coming in off the bench.

Green starts for Pierce, if he plays well, it might work and Pierce will in be the game shortly.

A)They are not playing well now. Obviously. Beat the Nets who were not playing period and got rung up by red hot clips.

B)KG and Pierce are different players now. They, being the great players that they are, have reinvented themselves and still put up great numbers. They can't run, elevate or fight on defense with the same effect as in the past. They jog through the fourth quarter and young teams have been outplaying the Celtics in the 4th for a year and a half now. Live with it.

C) Jet and Lee have not arrived yet. They prefer to watch Rondo, Pierce and KG run around rather than take a leadership role.

D) As configured, Jeff Green is a bench player. He gets yelled at on a nightly basis and must be sick of being the "savior off the bench" and is clearly playing like it.

E) Is Rondo the leader? How? Gets thrown out of more games than anyone else? Rondo has a huge problem this season....playmaking shooters to pass to. Think about it. When Rondo has to take the last shot in a Celtics game, they lose. This QB needs some receivers.

F) Bass is having a bad season and can't pick up any slack...and there is plenty of slack.

G) They are a good team. They can beat good teams, but, are below .500 (5-7) in such games. They struggle badly against average teams.

Can they beat OKC, Miami, San Antonio, the Clippers, Bulls even the 76'ers as constructed in the playoffs and just playing better? What do you think? They must get above .500 against these teams and making a major change or two might offer something.

New lineup:

Rondo 37 min.

Bradley 37 min

Green 37 min

Sully 35 min

Collins 20 min


Pierce 25 min

KG 20 min

Bass 25 min

Jet 25 min

Etc.....Boy, do we need a big. Ouch

They are now a younger more athletic team with a hall of fame PG and one of the NBA's top ten defensive players in Bradley along with a veteran bench. Would this team get above .500 against the top playoff teams? Would they do better against average teams? Yes. Would Pierce and KG be more effective and better prepared for the playoffs? Maybe. Desperate times call for weird fanposts.

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