The Case for "Win Now" by Trading the Future

This team is stuck. They have half a foot in rebuilding and still want to make a championship run. But doing things half way will give you half way results and our poor record shows it. Is it time to go all the way in one direction like blowing it up? Could be and by Jan. 15th, Ainge will give us the answer. But here's a plan for going all in, trading all your future stars/prospects for players that will give Pierce and KG a chance to win now and next year, assuming they still have something left in the tank:

The first trade is with Phoenix: Gortat, Dragic, Dudley for Rondo, J.Green and Wilcox

The second trade is with Cleveland: Varejao for Bass, Sullinger

Phoenix gets a star in Rondo and a potential star in Green. Wilcox is filler, serviceable and has good chemistry with Rondo. The Suns are in full rebuilding mode so they can always use their high lottery pick to get the best big man available. It won't kill them to be without Gortat but it's going to take a player of Rondo's caliber for Phoenix to even consider moving Gortat. Even then, that might not be enough.

The Celtics finally get a starting center and a good one at that. Gortat is athletic, grabs boards, blocks and can hit a jumper. He's perfect to pair up with KG. He's still only 28 years old. Dragic is a very serviceable point guard. Not an all-star of Rondo's caliber but he'll get the job done. Dragic is a known scorer so teams will respect his outside shot and not trail off him. Dudley is an overachiever. For a guy that's not that athletic he's very productive. His numbers right now are better than Green's. He's a perfect backup for Pierce.

Cleveland will get a lot of offers for Varejao but the combo of Bass and Sullinger just might move them. Bass is under performing as it is but he'll still give them something and they can always trade him later. Sullinger will be a building block for their future and playing for his hometown.

Varejao would be tremendous for the Celtics. His hard work ethic is something this club desperately needs right now along with rebounds. He's always active, always productive and never quits.

The new team would look like this:

PG Dragic, J.Terry, Barbosa

SG A.Bradley, C.Lee

SF Pierce, Dudley, K.Joseph

PF Garnett, Varejao, Varnado

C Gortat, Collins, Melo

The team gets much bigger, no more small ball here. A rotation of KG,Gortat and Varejao will win the battle of the boards against most clubs. The Celtics will be a half court team that other clubs will struggle to match up with and with guys like Bradley, Varejao and Dudley playing full tilt every game, they won't slack off like they're doing now. Terry can finally return to his scoring role off the bench and flourish.

If the Celts want a shot of beating the Heat in the playoffs (need to have a winning record first, right?) then big ball is the only way to go. You can't match them with small ball, they'll kill you with athleticism. What ever team the C's put together that relies on small ball won't beat the Heat (unless you have a KG and Pierce in their prime), time to go big or rebuild.

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