Gasol, Deron, or Have Faith In Rondo?

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Rondo is undoubtedly the best player of the Celtics right now. But is he enough to lead the team for Banner 18? That is the biggest question every C's fan is trying to answer to their minds up to this point in time.

Few weeks ago there were rumors of a Gasol-Rondo trade that emerged and at the same time, astonished many NBA fans. Not only that one's curiosity will make you wonder with the idea, but most importantly, the "mortal sin" with the aforesaid notion since it will be a planned transaction between two renowned rivals established way back in the past histories of the NBA. We Celtics fans immediately resisted with the idea, but on the other hand it really makes sense.


PROS: Arguably the best power forward in the league, will solve the C's rebounding woes, Gasol (7'0") and Garnett (6'11") will constitute a difficult matchup for opposing teams (they are not only excellent mid range shooters, but they also assist pretty well for a big man), definitely will add size.

CONS: Old at 32 years old, big salary, C's will lost their best player: Rajon Rondo and his cheap salary.


PROS: They do not only solve their team's PG position, but they significantly upgraded it with a TOP 5 PG in the league, they add a young all star player that they could build around together with Bynum.

CONS: His inconsistency and attitude is really a problem (I doubt he would not have any clash with Kobe Bryant atleast once a week, or make it everyday).

FIrst off, Rondo-Kobe-Bynum trio is scary, really scary. But Gasol-Garnett-Pierce-Allen + the deep bench is also scary, maybe even scarier. When we lost Rondo because of a wrist injury, if my memory serves me right, we've won 9 of those 10 games without him. Our only lost was with the Suns, which I believe is a team we can beat anytime. Many C's players stepped up like Bradley, Moore, Bass and of course Captain Pierce. If the Celtics can win without Rondo, how much more if we add an intelligent 7 - footer player who killed the C's winning streak because of his dominance in the interior? The problem with Rondo that's why many people doubt on him is because he is not clutch, he may be dominant from 1st to 3rd quarter, but when 4th quarter comes when you needed him the most, he will vanish like a bubble. An example? Yesterday's game vs the Pistons and C's previous loss against the Lakers. In short he is not a closer, which he should be since he is the best player of the Celtics in the present. He even becomes a liability in which we saw when Kobe dares to make him shoot by not guarding him much on the C'-Lakers game. But then again just like I said, Rondo is still the best player of the Celtics. In this shortened season, big changes like this will significantly alter the chemistry of the team. Let us also remember that Rondo of all has the fullest knowledge of all the sets and plays of Doc, removing him will be like teaching again the PG of the C's (whether it will be Bradley, Moore or whomever player they will acquire if Rondo will be traded) all over from scratch, and this might cost them another shot for the Championship very much like last year.

Next idea, Deron for Rondo.

Deron is struggling, so as Rondo. I don't know but my gut feel tells me Deron will be traded for Rondo at the deadline, and I know given the opportunity DA will certainly pull the trigger. Unlike with the previous trade, I like this better. It is a safe PG to PG trade that could benefit both teams. Nets would get an All Star PG who is committed long term for a cheap contract. Without the assurance of Dwight going to Nets this season or the off season, I believe the Nets will be satisfied for such acquisition of Rondo. A relatively entertaining player with his passing skills and a player that they could build around, not bad. On the other hand of course the Celtics will also benefit from this. They get a TOP 5 PG who will add some offensive power to the team which at the same time has an excellent instinct on assists.

To sum it up,


PROS: Young Top 5 PG, assists and scores at a high rate, gives the Celtics another dimension on the offensive end (unlike Rondo, he will not be a liability on offense), and lastly be ready for this........................... D-WIl on Celtics = D Howard on Celtics, agree?

CONS: not sure if he will extend after his contract expires this season, we will lost Rondo (obviously).

Gasol, Deron, or have faith with Rondo?

My answer? It doesn't matter, I'm not the GM.

Go C's!

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