How About We Stand Pat With Just a Small Change or Two?

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I'm somewhat fed up with all the talk of trading these players or those players, and getting more question marks in return this season.

Trade Rondo, trade Pierce, trade anybody of value in the hope that whoever we get, will be the saviour of this season.

Why are so many people in panic mode?

This has been one snake-bit season so far; starting out with a shortened season with no pre-season to speak of; the loss of a potential key piece in contending strongly, right from the start for at least the season, if not forever; and a series, as usual, of ongoing injuries, every time the team starts to get its act together.

Keep the current roster, except for the possiblity of adding in a big body prior to the trade deadline, and dropping a player [ no names at this time ] in time for him to fit into the team before the playoffs.

The best that will happen this season is that the Cs will pull together in time for the playoffs, and make a decent run to the finals, as they did a couple of years ago and surprise everyone [ always a possibility with this team ].

The worst that will happen is that the season ends early this year, which leaves the Cs in a very good position to re-build for the next season, with some of the remaining players, a couple of decent 1st rd. draft picks, and a lot of available cash, in order to entice at least one, if not two, max players.

I wouldn’t trade Rondo, unless a Chris Paul would be available [ which he won’t be ] and Pierce staying is a no-brainer to me, as well.

It’s up to Rivers to stagger his rotations this year, given some semblance of good health, so that Rondo, Pierce and co. can be effective going towards the playoffs.

If we don’t have a healthy team going into the playoffs, we can kiss this season goodbye anyway, but at least the Cs should be given the opportunity to play out the hand that’s been dealt this year.

Admittedly, it’s frustrating to watch the up and down team games, never knowing which team will show up for any given game, but I believe that if the team ever has good health for a consecutive period of time, we can still be contenders.

In the immortal words of Marlon Brando, in " On the Waterfront "- " I coulda been a contenda, I coulda been somebody."

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