Rebuilding Idea

Look, watching this team play right now is, dare I say it, painful. Even when bloggers say it it gains more strength because they watch ALL the C's games (as many of us here I know). So I came here and I found a post by Shiny Porpoise that I really liked. The following is not my idea, but when he/she posted it I dont think it got enough attention

Here is the deal, I think Howard is possible, it really is. Rondo and Doc are very VERY appealing you have to believe that. And the post that Shiny Porpoise proposed makes us even more of a possible target.

Bos gets: Josh Smith, Kirk Hinrich

Atl gets: Pierce, Bass, Dooling/Moore

Boston does it because Josh is a great player and Dwights best friend. I know it would be awfully hard to see Pierce go but it would be worth it. Besides, Adrian Wojnarosky from Yahoo (one of the best NBA reporters) said that the most likely Celtic to go is Pierce. This is a nice package for him, besides Smith, Hinrich is expiring.

Atlatnta does it because Pierce is an all-star and a great player. Atlanta is gettin the all-star in this trade and Bass, who is a solid starter in this league. Pierce gets Atlanta to the next level. I think that will do it. Add Etwans potential and they do it.

Then trade Ray for a first round pick (and an expiring contract maybe?), preferably one of a not playoff team, but I think any pick will do it. A contender could really use a shooter like Ray to go over the top.

After this couple of trades we miss the playoffs. Theres a slight chance we get into but I dont think is worth it because of next year's quality draft. In the draft we would have 3 very important first rounders. Possibly to in the 20s and one in the 18-15 range. in an ideal world we would trade two to get higher, but the three picks are nice. We use the picks for a shoooting guard like Jeremy Lamb or AUSTIN RIVERS and a big guy.

Then in free agency we get dwight: again doc + rondo + smith + good money makes it possible.

So next year we are looking at a very good starting lineup that can really contend:






I really like that lineup and I really think it can contend for a championship and challenge Miami and Chicago

Maybe we could even trade a pick and Green for Rudy Gay, who knows.

I repeat this is not my idea, I saw it in another post here and I really liked it. I know a lot of things would have to go right for this to happen but I want you to realize that it can happen.

Anyway thanks for reading and leave all ur ideas in the comments

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