More P stoff Observations.... Ugh

Must temper my comments --realize that we were short-handed. Nice game by Bradley-JO was good as he could be on D. (and I was ready to ship him to Minny for Darko Milicic and a box of girl scout cookies) My observations, however, go beyond that. Please, by all means consider them another rant if you so choose.

Did anyone on the Celtic bench realize that Dallas' defensive strategy was to double team the ball handler and leave the big man (screener) alone? Since our screeners (JO, Wilcox, Stiemsma) cannot shoot from the perimeter, nor did they roll all the way to the hoop because our offensive set places someone in that area for some reason, this strategy was effective. My main rant comes from the fact that (1) We started nearly EVERY set with our traditional two-posts- at the- elbow (crap), thus negating Kidd even having to play defense on Bradley penetration (instead,set up the play, and dribble in one spot). (2) We CONTINUED to do this until 1:42 of the 2nd quarter! (causing me to yell unspeakable things at my TV). Finally, whether planned or not, Pierce started at top of the key, and to my amazement, NO POSTS CAME TO SCREEN. Undoubtedly, Dallas was shocked to see anyone actually drive, and even more shocked that the post players stayed low (and Allen/Pietrus spotted up at the wing). Result: Pierce drove 3 times- getting two hoops and missing another close shot- as Dallas' bigs did not help in time. Alas, I thought someone on our bench was finally getting it. We were going adjust at halftime and come out slugging and aggressive on offense to open the 3rd quarter.

But, sadly NO. We opened the 3rd with JO at the FT line, effectively clogging the middle. RA kept coming off screens only to be doubled or switched out on. We revisited the double post at the elbow (crap) again, to similar disgusting results. Then, with 9:00 minutes to go in the game, and PP and RA still out there (more on that later)-- We ran a completely open post - pass, cut, and fill offense, with an actual low post! I nearly fell out of my chair (and would have if I hadn't already tied the noose around my neck after the third quarter). In the next 3 minutes RA got more shots off than the entire second half combined. He drove, and so did PP. They kicked out to open shooters... and it almost looked like (gulp) basketball. We posted up JJJ, attacked gaps, and passed the ball better than any time in the last week. Not saying that we should do this at all times, but it kept the defense honest , freed up shooters, and allowed for some driving and unpredictable cuts to the hoop. PLEASE, Doc... watch some film.

Other issues: WHY...for the love of you know who...

...Do we go the entire 3rd quarter (after JO and Wilcox out-again) without playing JJJ? Do we really need to see more of Pietrus?

...Do we not play Moore until 6:00 to go? Are we planning on "finding" something in Dooling's game that we haven't seen?

...Is RA and PP playing until 4:00 to go in a twenty point game (and at the expense of playing Moore/JJJ)?

...Does Doc take a TO to yell at Moore (only tirade all night) with 1:30 to go in the game? Really-- nobody else blew any assignments tonight?

...Can't we play at a different speed?

...Can't we take a @#&% without calling a play first?

Again, this is realizing that we had three of the top six players out. But more the reason to try something different... for no other reason that you want to know what these young guys can do. There you have it... my apologies again if I have offered an off -base account of what seems to be.

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