The deadline debates are in full swing. Trying to be accurate whilst engaged in outright blind speculation is way more fun than trading the bench for Jeremy Lin...isn't it?

What will Danny do? Well let's go with what Danny WANTS. This might help with the next 18 days or so.

Whether it be this year or next or 2014 Danny wants TWO count'em two superstars. One of the superstars CAN be an almost superstar but this is what he wants. Stop getting untracked by "packages" and assorted "throw ins" to match contracts. If Danny has the MONEY for two superstars MAYBE he can eventually get them. Next year he sort of has the money for the two superstars. By doing NOTHING he has $30M + to throw at the Lebron beaters that he seeks.

Will he get these guys? At least he has the money for them and this is the point.

KG+Ray = the money for two superstars and that is the asset that he has and he is going to do NOTHING to mess with it....unless he is looking at 2014. At which point all bets are off go ahead start up the "get Big Baby and Nate Robinson back" debates..throw in an "all Turkish team" too as long as they are only getting one year deals. Because Danny needs the money for the two superstars.

The other half of the debate is Rondo and Pierce. Well what ya gonna do now? Keep'em trade'm? What ya gonna get for Pierce? Another old guy? $15M worth of bench guys? What does Danny want? Pierce will not get him a superstar. Can he get Danny a trade asset? Maybe, but the trade partner would need to be desperate (Lakers). Will he trade Paul? Long shot.

Rondo is not Danny's favorite basketball player....Danny loves Avery Bradley because he works for like $18 an hour and is an OK off the bench player. Would Danny trade Rondo and let Bradley start? Yes, as long as he eventually gets his two superstars or, at least, the money to get the two superstars. Got the pattern here? Rondo for Gasol is barking at the moon, but, is a useful example...Lakers desperate for PG. Rondo fits the bill Danny gets a big EXPENSIVE guy. Are you messing with Danny's two superstar plan? This deal will make Danny spend money....not what Danny wants to do. If he had Gasol traded for another asset, sure, here we go, but only if he gets what he wants in the end.

KG+Ray = Golden Goose...............don't kill it.

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