Understanding the Verdict Day: March 15 and the Future Boston Celtics

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March 15 is a Big Day to everyone in the NBA realm, whether it is from bloggers, fans, players, or GM's. But it is rather more significant to a beast named Dwight Howard.

What's the big deal with this guy? Well it's obvious, he is the most (or rather remaining) dominating Big Man in the NBA right now. Not only that physically he is really BIG, but the BIG impact that this player can provide to any team that can acquire him. To a league with grave scarcity of Big Man, DH12 may be considered a water in a hell-like desert. No wonder other teams, specifically the Boston Celtics, strategize to maintain a very favorable cap flexibility in 2012 free agency anticipating the fact that this guy will be a available to the aforesaid year. Trading Perk last year and not extending Tony Allen for a 3-year deal instead of a 2-year deal proposed by Ainge, these are only the few moves that the Celtics organization did in order to maintain that 2012 cap flexibility. Those are players that we lacked last season, and presence of those two in the Celtics line up could have been a big difference in their pursuit of Banner 18 in last year's playoffs. But if it is all for DH12 why not? The very BIG question is, what if the Celtics will fail to this plan? Well, let us all just hope the latter will not happen.

Few weeks to go and the judgment day will come. All the other team's plans are on-hold to wait-and-see what will happen to the Howardrama. There are different scenarios that can happen which relate Howard, Williams, and the Celtics. Yesterday, news came that the New Jersey Nets (one of three destinations Howard prefer to sign) will attempt every possible scenarios in order to acquire the Big Man. Fact: I don't know what "magic" they can do but there is no way he will be traded to New Jersey this deadline. Just think of their assets, Lopez? (injured most of the season), Okur? (expiring contract), Farmar, Morrow? How will they be able to acquire other more players from other teams to compensate Magic's demands if they only have these assets? Of course DWill and Brooks will be untouchable because they will be part of their future, but regardless, I believe those players are not enough to receive the sweet "Yes" of Orlando to let go of Howard. The Mavs cannot compete as well since they also don't have any assets appealing to the Magic. Only the Lakers have the ace to end this fiasco, and I hope (cross fingers), they will realize that Bynum is still the future Center of their franchise and instead concentrate on acquiring a new PG (not Rondo).

Now, we talk about the Celtics. The only way they can acquire Howard is through free agency. Because in that situation, technically, everyone is equal in enticing DH and the other free agents. In simple saying, we should all only hope that DH will not be traded in the deadline. That's it. In that way, the hope remains that we can still acquire him in the next off season and that's the best news we can receive on March 15. And what is the next best news? Let us say due to our faithful thinking that for some reason the negotiations on trading Dwight will all be screwed up and Otis Smith suddenly believes again that Howard will sign a contract with them at the end of the season, other teams will now go back to normal as the Howardrama has come to its end, and to be continued next off season. In short, the New Jersey Nets failed to acquire Howard to the best situation of getting him. Because in free agency, I believe that Dallas would be the front-runners and DWill will now sign to a team not named Brooklyn Nets. That's when the Celtics comes in, unlike in the Howardrama on March 15, the Celtics I believe can provide the best possible package to acquire Deron Williams. Rondo + JO for DWill, for a team (Nets) who fears to have nothing at the end of the season after its star player signs to another team, I believe this is a decent deal. Rondo (a 3-time allstar, young and has a friendly contract) and JO (expiring contract) is a good start to a rebuilding team. Of course it is up to DA and the Celtics organization to make DWill stay (which I think they can really do). Just seeing the multiple banners in the TD Garden, the players who have been a Celtic, and your 3 future Hall-of-Famer team mates that knows how to win, I believe that is enough to stay for being part of a historic franchise. And by acquiring DWill, upon entering the off season Boston Celtics now are the front runners to sign the BIG guy.

If everything fails, well of course expect a not so good scenario. But not that bad since we still have a secret weapon left: cap flexibility. Guys like Gordon, Hibbert, McGee, Nash, Kaman, Lopez twins, are just some of the names we hope the Celtics can acquire. Hibbert is very intriguing, as well as McGee, young players who can fill the C's Center position. Let us all remember that we also have 3 picks in the next draft (deep and oozing with talent), a come-backing Jeff Green, and KG and Allen with discounted contracts. If we don't acquire Howard and DWill, we still have the aformentioned facts to begin the 2013 season, NOT BAD. I know salute DA for his genius managing.

Let us all hope that Otis Smith will be screwed in trading Howard and let him reach free agency, alleluia.

Note: I think it is better not to trade Rondo for DWill if Howard will be traded anyway on the trade deadline, since we only trade Rondo for DWill because we are like hitting two birds with one stone on this trade, first, by taking advantage of the desperate situation of the Nets in acquiring a franchise player in DWill that can complement with Howard (Wlliams=offense, Howard=defense), and secondly, by placing the Celtics in the best position to acquire the BIG guy in free agency. But if DH12 will not be acquired, it is still in the best interest of the Celtics, in my opinion, to stick with Rondo.

I believe in this organization, I believe in DA. YOU must also believe. Go C's

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