Blogger Trade Idea: Robin Lopez for Avery Bradley (Who Says No?)

Well, he look like he WANTS to rebound.

Seth Pollack is the esteemed blogger over at Bright Side of the Sun, SBNation's Suns blog and he had an interesting trade proposal for me. So I strapped on my Danny Ainge sized thinking cap and went to work sizing it up. Ultimately I couldn't decide and thought I'd send it to you all for your opinion. Enjoy.

Seth Pollack: Jeff, my man from the Green Land. When I say Robin Lopez for Avery Bradley trade, what's your reaction?

I read where you need a center (or two) and Lord knows the Suns could use some young options to develop at the point guard position. But I really don't know much about Bradley other than he's more of a defender than scorer and doesn't seem to have much range either. Is he basically a young Rondo? What's up with this kid?

Robin will be an RFA this summer. He's had an inconsistent career in Phoenix but I still think with consistent playing time and a coach and team that believes in him that he can be a legit NBA player. His size is legit and when engaged properly, will give you energy and toughness on defense and shows occasional flashes on offense that are enough to tease you into believing that he could be a regular 10 ppg guy. He doesn't have the natural touch that his brother Brook, but he's far more active and physical and he's surprisingly good on the pick and roll. More than anything, I think Robin needs a change of scenery and a chance to play.

Who says no?

Jeff Clark: Only one question before I answer - can he rebound?

Seth Pollack: Rebounding? Is that important?

Look, his individual rebounding numbers aren't impressive but I've watched this guy since his rookie year and here's the deal -- he hits people and blocks out BEFORE going after the ball. Several times over the years I've calculated the Suns rebounding +/- with Robin on and off the court and the team always rebounds better when he's playing. This passes the eye test as well since you almost always see him find a body when the ball is in the air and usually that body is the other team's best boarder.

He doesn't have great instincts for the ball but he works HARD and hits people and doesn't care about his stats. Don't you call that, "UMBUNTA" or something?

Oh, and he's also BIG and tips balls volleyball fashion that don't always show on his stats.

Tell me more on Bradley. What's his deal?

Jeff Clark: Here's the deal with Bradley. I certainly wouldn't call him a young Rondo unless you are only focusing on the negative aspects of Rondo's game. Bradley simply isn't a floor general point guard (few are). Early in the year Doc even went so far as to say he was better suited at the 2. He's a shooting point guard who's super power is on the ball defense. The better comparible is Tony Allen with a little less height and a lot less crazy.

Like your boy Robin, the stats aren't going to tell the whole story here. He has struggled with his jump shot, but he's got very good form and he's gaining confidence in it day by day now that he's getting consistent playing time. He's also getting points off of back cuts and fast breaks off of turnovers.

He is sometimes used as a one-man full court press, which puts pressure on the opposing point guards and forces teams into shorter shot clock situations to run their offense. He's going to be in the league a long time just because of that defense.

He's a capable backup point guard and I think he's a nice fit behind Rondo. With that said, we desperately need a center and based on your scouting report, he might be a guy we could use. The rebounding still scares me but we are talking a youngish center that could contribute both now and for years to come then I'd at least have to think long and hard about it.

Shall we put it to our readers and see what they say (yay or nay)?

Seth Pollack: Let's do it. Everyone knows the fans are way smarter than the people running these teams.

Jeff Clark: Pandering to the audience? I like it.

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