Danny Ainge's job this season UNDERRATED

Danny did a helluva job this season with what he had. It was really incredible, just take a look.

We have to have in mind that he had basically nothing to work with, we were over the cap and had little to non assest to trade. Even with all this Danny did a great job.

Look at the bench that should have been this season. Bradley, Pietrus, Green, Bass, Wilcox. Can you ask for more than that? Bass, Green and maybe even Wilcox can be solid starters in this league and we have them off the bench. The best thing Danny did was simply swap Big Baby for Bass. That was an incredibly awesome move. Then he signed Wilcox, who as everyone saw can relly work in our system as an energy guy and a running mate for Rondo. He kept Bradley in last seasons deadline, and he has now developed as a solid contributor and great defensive point guard. Then he signed Dooling, who even though hasn't produced much in the court has been a needed veteran presence in the locker room. Then he signed Pietrus, who has been more than solid despite his knee issues. Finally, he got solid rookies in JaJuan and E'twan in the draft. We have seen flashes of waht they can do even though Doc dosnt give them minutes. He also got Stiemsma, who has been as good as a thrid string center gets defensively.

Danny has done a masterful job up to now, but the Celtics have been unlucky. I am even going to say that the Perk trade wasnt that bad (and people will kill me for this) but if the lockout havent been so long we could even have Kristic at this point, and he would certainly contribute. Jeff Green could have developed as a very good sixth man. And besides, what most people overlook, is that we have a first round pick in the 15-20 range in a very loaded draft.

If everything had gone as supossed for the celtics we would have a stronger contender face. Look at what our team should have been if we weren't so unfreaking lucky:






Thats a very solid team, and Danny made it possible with nothing to work with.

Now lets hope Danny keeps doing a solid job and makes the right decisions in the next few hours, in the draft, and in free agency

In Danny we trust

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