I ask again: Should the C's start Greg Steimsma ?

As one of the leaders of the Greg Steimsma fan club, I am revisiting a question I asked in a fan post earlier in the season ( )

which is: " Should the C's start Greg Steimsma"?

When I wrote the fan post back in December, I believed Steamer should start in place of JO, since JO was struggling and Steamer was playing rather well at the time, but Steamer was never promoted to the starting center position.

Considering alot has changed since then with both JO and Wilcox now gone due to health issues, Steamer playing rather well over the course of the season and appearing to be developing into a competent and serviceable big man I want to ask the question again at this time which is "Should Steamer become the Celtics starting center"?

I think considering the C's do not have another legit center on the roster, KG is playing out of position at center, starting Steamer allows the C's to have a long "twin tower" duo when combined with KG (which I think is a very solid and intimidating front line on defense) and since Steamer has played rather well this year when given minutes, I think he has earned a shot to at least get a test run at being the C's starting center.

If we look at Gregs current stats and calculate it if he were to hypothetically lets say play at least 38 minutes a game he would be averaging about:

7 pts 9 rbs and 4.5 blks per game

I think those stats are not too shabby considering Steamer is a rookie, does not get hardly any setup touches on offense and is still learning the art of how to score, rebound and defend in the NBA.

Also lets keep in mind Steamer also offers shot altering, intimidation, size, length, wingspan, physical play and 6 hard fouls to throw at opposing teams bigs ( which do not show up in his stat line) but which immensely helps the C's.

I think considering Steamer shows alot of promise, he is a legit center with size and length at 6"11, 260 lbs (which is rare to find now a days), is young, athletic, has shown a decent perimeter jumper, can make free throws, can run the floor, can finish strong and above the rim on offense, has nice defensive footwork and hands, is a decent help defender, can alter shots, block shots, can rebound well, has soft hands capable of catching passes and passes well for a big man, all of which are pretty good skills for a young rookie center starting him would be a wise move to help the C's not just in the short term (this year) but also (long term) since it allows Steamer to get a jump start on his growth and development which can only help his cause to possibly become the C's center of the future.

So for all of the above reasons I think its time to have this debate again and would be interested in input from Celtic fans if starting Steamer should be a move contemplated or not by the Celtics.

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