Avery Bradley > Austin Rivers?

I really REALLY want us to get Rivers in the draft. i believe he might turn out to be an all star in the future.

But reality check: we already have the SG of the future: Avery Bradley.

He has shown he can play well in the NBA level and has earned his minutes. Its almost impossible to divide the minutes AB and Rivers needs at SG. Both aren't good PGs cuz of ball handling and distribution reasons. Better to get a pure backup PG for rondo than let AB or Rivers be the backup.

Plus if we have both of them, what will happen to Ray Allen? I want him to retire as a Celtic and he can still give us quality and starter material minutes. he can also act as a tutor to our young guys and is a class act.

So if River is available it will be a nightmare to have him on the team. he will just rot on the bench. if he doesn't AB will rot on the bench.

SO if we were to draft Rivers, we must decide which young SG we should keep. I say AB.AB has elite defensive compared to River's Starpower potential. And there's the key. POTENTIAL

We don't know how Rivers will work out. I believe we need a wing player for he future when PP is gone and knows how to create his own shot.. ala Rivers. rondo can't do that cuz he has no shooting ability( he may never develop one) so we need a go-too scorer as well. Rivers fits the billing. So tempting..... But i hate to admit it, he will not work out for us. he will for another team. But not for the Celtics. He will be stuck on the bench cuz of the SG jam( Allen, AB and him)

AB has shown he can work well without the ball and can work with rondo. we have an elite defendsive back-court with Rondo and AB. Whether or not Ab will be a star is still unknown like Rivers, but at least he is an NBA quality player. Maybe Green can be that wing player to replace PP.

AB > Rivers- Defensive, slashing ability, ability to work with Rondo, Knows the system- good with the system

Can we have both? yes. Will it work out? prob not. Is AB better than Rivers? You decide.

*sorry about the grammar and what not.

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