No Ray today, that's the sixth in a row,

The look on Doc's face says all there's to know.

In the training room there was a wonderful sight,

Pietrus--tho' in sunglasses, still sensitive to light.

When Pierce has had 6 rebounds or more,

The Cs have been 19 and 4.

Q1 Rondo scored Cs' first 7 points of 9,

With one assist so far, 3 offensive rebounds so fine.

There is a consistent thing the crowd is doing,

Whenever Lebron has the ball they are loudly booing.

Rondo's playing TV bball, leading the Cs group,

Offensive foul on Bosh, Lebron missed dunk AND alley-oop.

Rondo 10 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds stat line,

At the end of Q1, the Cs led by 9.

Q2 KG with the bench, Bradley a late three,

Wade is starting to score the way we expected to see.

Heat got within one, Wade scored shot after shot,

Battier off Pierce's back, then a hoop he got.

Cs had six turnovers, two back to back mid Q2,

Wade's an active guard, saw those blocks he can do.

Speaking of blocks, Q2 one the crowd loved madly,

Was on a shot of Wade's blocked by Avery Bradley.

Chalmers-Lebron alley-oop, answered by KG,

Cs worked hard, up five to start Q3.

Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford combined 72 seasons,

Neither ref likes the Cs, sounds like 72 reasons.

Q3 Bradley to the hoop, to the hoop, no stutter,

On passes from Rondo, Bradley is a great cutter.

The Cs went on a 13-0 run,

Heat, everywhere on the court, can't get it done.

Rondo causing offensive and defensive trouble,

Bradley, Stiemsma great, Bass a double double.

Stiemsma drew a charge from Haslem, something new,

Usually the foul's on Stiemsma no matter what he tries to do.

31-12 the Heat were outscored in Q3,

Rondo controlled the pace, 5th triple double has he.

8:30 left in Q4 no April Fooling,

"Ray's three" from the corner by Keyon Dooling.

Uncontested dunk after four dribbles-- by Pierce,

Celtic Pride today, ALL the guys were fierce.

Austin Rivers was interviewed about his one and done,

He's very well-spoken, you can tell he's Doc's son.

Stiemsma fouled out, an important part of Cs D,

At the end of the game big hand for Brad-ley.

Today the Cs did not run out of steam

Heat worst loss of the season, Cs played like a team.

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