No Ray in Jersey or Charlotte, sure would be nifty

If he could play in New York, chances are 50-50.

Donny Marshall was a Net, playoffs back to back,

On the bench--playing time was what he did lack.

DHoward, herniated disk, won't play against us,

Some say he got hurt when he was thrown under the bus.

Gerald Green came to the Cs right from high school,

He was immature then, for the Nets he is cool.

Q1 both teams were active, good block by Bass,

KG, Bass, Pierce scoring, each on a Rondo pass.

Nets went on a run, Deron fell, no foul called,

He got a tech when to the ref he bawled.

Deron and MarShon scoring, finally Bass and Pierce,

Crowd's behind the Cs, it's urgent--Be fierce!

Cs standing around, Nets score, Doc hates to see,

Cs' offense is shaky and they are playing no D.

Poor free throws, poor shooting, turnovers in the mix,

Cs are lucky end Q1 to be down only six.

Q2 started with a shot and good pass by KG,

Then a silly second foul called on AB.

KG late career fallaway like Dominique, Jordan, Ewing,

Keeping the Cs in this game, all the work he is doing.

Bradley, Pierce going hard, Sasha's a factor, too,

Stiemsma tough, Nets' Green for three, tied end Q2.

Bass second chance shot, Humphries didn't box out,

Tech on Coach Johnson, at the ref he did shout!

7-0 run by the Cs to start Q3,

Rondo rebounding, cutting to the hoop Bradley.

Gerald Green a loud alley-oop, showstopper is he,

Then Avery Bradley for three, for three, for three!

Through the second and third Qs Nets never to the line,

That's a stat with which Tommy Heinsohn is fine.

Cs dominated Q3, up 13 to start Q4,

Again in this Q, KG the first to score.

Guys named Williams on the Nets there are three,

Pietrus great hustle, early rest for KG.

Tough for Deron on the Nets, he is all alone,

Hoping for the Mavs call, waiting by the phone.

Pierce went to the bench, he had a sore foot,

Into tomorrow's Bobcats game probably won't be put.

Foul on Humphries, always shoving, on Pietrus a tech,

Rondo joined the Nets huddle, no one said what the heck.

Double digit assists game, Stockton's record twenty-nine.

21 now for Rajon Rondo, Cs number 9!

Last game ever in New Jersey, soon Brooklyn will be home,

Great win for the Celtics, that's the end of this poem!

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