Cs are Big Three-less, no KG, Truth or Ray,

All of these guys need a break from play.

Rondo and Bradley have been a great tandem,

Today's fill-in rotations will not be random.

Rondo, Bradley young for rest, 26 and 21,

Bradley said the B2B2B schedule would be fun!

Stiemsma's got the start, with Pietrus (he's a howl),

Stiemsma needs blocks, has to try not to foul.

Bobcats scored first, DJ White, White, White,

For the Cs it was Stiemsma, then...Stiemsma tonight.

Stiemsma three early blocks, 'Cats' bodies on the ground,

Stiemsma running the floor, a new gear he has found.

Extended minutes for Pietrus, knocked down a three,

Bass stepped up early, Rondo's splitting the D.

Donny Marshall likes Rondo finishing high off the glass,

Getting his own rebound and then doing the same was Bass.

10 for Bass, 12 for Rondo, Cs up 11 end Q1,

Q2 two quick fouls on (poor rhyme) JaJuan.

'Quis saw minutes, 'Cats' Kemba Walker, too,

At UConn a preview of what the latter could do.

Gerald Henderson's keeping the 'Cats in the game,

His Dad was a Celtic, they have the same name.

Cutting hard to the hoop, an aggressive Bradley,

End Q2 tech on Rondo--a call made badly.

Cs a three point lead to start Q3,

"Ball don't lie," Kemba missed free throw for the T.

In rapid succession Stiemsma four fouls tonight,

Doc to ref: " know he's a great blocker, right?"

Rondo, with a sore elbow, got his first rest,

When Trainer Lacerte walks away, that is the best.

Missed KG tonight, our resident chest thumper,

Would've loved Bradley's threes and pretty jumper.

Cs up 6 start Q4, momentum they need

Walker for three, then two, down to four is the lead,

When the Cs are struggling a beautiful sight to see,

Is Bradley in the corner making that three!

Bass, Stiemsma, Pietrus,Bradley great, Rondo double double,

Bobcats could've been a trap game, would've been trouble.

Of energy for these Cs there was no lack,

Finished 2 and 1 on this grueling triple back.

That important stat you probably already know,

Rondo's double digit assist games 22 in a row.

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