No Pietrus, Rondo, Pierce, KG, Ray,

The "other" guys have to come to play!

Though having home advantage would be best,

Doc says health's more important, guys need rest.

For calling the Cs old and the team a mess--

Cs' motivation--KG thanked the press.

Johnson, Smith and the Hawks have confidence for sure,

Tonight none of the "Big Four" must they endure.

Hawks to the rim, to the rim, Cs not much D,

Mid Q1 Marquis and Hollins we did see.

Hawks (Joe) Johnson to (Ivan) Johnson, coast to coast,

Of the Cs on the floor Bradley's scored the most.

Cs down 7 to start Q2,

Without Bradley and Bass what would we do?

Hollins did ok, he dunked the ball twice,

E'Twuan and JaJuan together again-- nice.

Hawks have two, Cs have one--scouting report ,

Talking about Johnsons at both ends of the court!

A comment about Josh Smith, a guy I'm not fond o'

He went to Oak Hill Academy with Rajon Rondo.

Hawks Joe Johnson does it all, tonight he has threes,

Leading that stat since the ASB, Bradley, of the Cs.

Dooling came to life, he had a beautiful shot,

Sean Williams arrived today, a quick chance he got.

Cs have no real chemistry, some rhythm they've found,

At the half Cs down 9, hanging around.

First half, fouls against the Cs 11 to 2,

Bradley aggressive to the hoop, doing all he can do.

On Bradley's back, Cs got within 4,

Then the Cs turnovers made Doc sore.

Tail end of the Cs bench is the first unit tonight,

8-0 run by the Hawks, Cs (Bradley) continue to fight!

Cs 13-4 run to end Q3,

Poor rhyme, but the Cs pull within 3!

Pargo for three, Marquis with a steal,

Hollins good hustle, Dooling's for real.

Bradley had a short rest, then came back in the game,

Then the Hawks for three--Willie Green is his name.

'Quis in double figures, brought the Cs back to 1,

At the other end a Johnson kept getting it done.

Dooling good cut, then against the Cs a terrible call,

Hawks up 1, with 2:07 left, refs made it Hawks ball.

Hawks by six, Cs have to get to the hoop,

You can feel the chemistry with this Cs bench group.

On a night when Stiemsma could have gotten top billin'

He was on the bench, not playing, just chillin'.

Not much of a statement game for this Atlanta team,

Of losing to the Cs bench they would not dream!

Cs fought hard, given all the guys they missed,

And Doc still holds the record for Hawks assists.

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