Ray Allen - A Day In The Life

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His vision inside can be seen. A pure mind is always pure,and a pure shooter, must work on being a pure shooter. The gift is there, but the beholder of the gift must reach down , and unwrap the gift. Ray's gift is unmatched by anyone. The ups and downs an NBA player endures, and what they face is unreal. Time away from loved ones, and time away from being who they are outside of basketball. The game of basketball becomes them. It swallows them, and basketball is their life.

There may be rain in the clouds. But it sure as heck ain't coming down on Ray Allen's parade. In some moments of distress, we do not often see what is there before our eyes. For the Celtics it was the emerging Bradley. For Ray Allen it's the possible end of his career. He's 36 years old, and he has young kids, and he seems like the ultimate family man. His playing days are almost over, and to say how long he will last after this season is like playing poker.

Our judgement can some times be clouded, and our worries can conceal what others try to give us. It may be advice, or just honesty. The chance that this may be the end sooner, than later for Ray, must keep him up at night. The day is ending for Ray. The dreaded loneliness of his hotel room is calling. The approaching night is lurking. Suddenly it starts raining. Bathed in the street light. The slight drizzle is shining. There is a strange silence. Finally Ray reaches his hotel room. Ray is tired, drenched, sweating. As he throws himself on the bed. Ray hears the raindrops' intensity declining. He flips The window open, and he can feel the cool and moist wind blowing.

As he stares at the white ceiling. Pondering over the days of game winning shots, and time-outs with teammates. Ray is left wondering. If every cloud really has a silver lining. Is there a silver lining for me? Is it too walk away, or is to continue on? Big decisions Ray will face, in the here, and now. Ray's season still remains unclear.

The vibrant sun dared to smile through the thick cloud. Like a daring brave man moving ahead. Overpowering all his sufferings and impediments. Bad days never last long for him as he knows. Ray will move on in his life. Life without basketball must be tough, and I can't even put it together in my mind.

Ray's been unable to avenge his trade rumor. What I fear about Ray's injury. The fans themselves? Ray can be used as the new scapegoat if the Celtics lose this year. They will say? Wow, Danny should have traded Ray before his injury. We could have had OJ Mayo. To some it sounds that easy. The best moves by Danny, sometimes are the moves he doesn't make.

The emotional heart suffers greatly while the physical heart continues to force an end. One must accept their fate. Unknown, and wishful for the best. The story of Ray Allen is unfinished. But is this a story that leaves you empty, and the ending doesn't make sense?

Ray's paint brushes are left on his script. The feeling of 2009 KG takes us all over. We hope were left with a different ending. A story that leaves us content in thoughts.

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