Reminded of the Past

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This season has been a constant reminder of life without the Big three. The fate of the team had been dangled over the roof top like a mafia boss, dangling a minion who owed him money, and that's how it felt for a good part of the season. Ainge had this team on watch before the trade deadline, and all the way up to the final seconds. Thankfully he left this team intact, because now they have put on a great run, and a potential run at a championship. In the middle of the foggy haze of rumors. All of us had to think about what side we might be on. Should the Celtics rebuild? Should they let it ride, and gamble with the group of guys, that have melted our basketball hearts for the past five years? I was taking on the option of keeping this team going.

Before this era, the franchise was in a dark place, and I am sure some of you were as well. I can remember that season like it just happened. Hope keeps us moving, breathing. Hope for change, had all of us clearing our eyes. Hope, keeps us surviving in life.The draft lottery was a ray of hope. The torture all of us endured in 2007, and the pain that followed losing out on one of the two top draft lottery picks was brutal.

The 2006-07 season was a gloomy one for the most storied franchise. The season began with the death of Red Auerbach the guiding voice behind the Celtics for over 50 years. The Celtics went 2-22 from late December 2006 through early February 2007 after losing Paul Pierce to injury. The Celtics compiled a record of 24-58, second-worst in the NBA, including a franchise record 18-game losing streak.

With the recent losing streak the Charlotte Bobcats are dealing with. A 21-game losing streak. All I can do is think back to a dark time in Celtics history. Somewhere none of us want to see, or witness ever again. But once you're trapped by hope. It pulls you in, and your under its spell. Hope can give us agony instead of happiness. Especially if were unable to help change the future. Of course all of us would love a say in Danny's rebuilding process. Because none of us want to see 18-game losing streaks ever again. Especially after tasting champagne bubbles.

I may not like Ainge at times, but I can't dislike a man for making this era happen. Ainge has made some fantastic moves through the years. Deals that don't include trading your superstars. Three moves this season alone that have shown us that Danny can make smart moves. Move number one was trading Baby for Bass. Than you have the signing of Greg Stiemsma, who's been dubbed the second coming of Perkins by many. Then we have 2010's draft pick Avery Bradley. Danny didn't trade him last season, and instead brought him back this season, and it's been amazing all year with the rising talents of Bradley.

So, Danny this is my opinion. Please keep Rondo, and please keep making smart deals. For the first time in Danny's tenure in Boston. He will have cap space. Who knows what he'll do with it. I feel confident going into the unknown after this era with Rondo as the team's point guard, and with Danny with a fat stack of cash.

We have been reminded of the end everyday this season, and with the Bobcats losing 21-games in a row. We're reminded of our past. None of us want to witness another losing era.

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