Not inactive--so off the bench is Ray?

Didn't talk to the media after the game yesterday.

Doesn't make it much easier, as everyone knows,

That the Bulls are playing without Derrick Rose.

An aside: Dwight wants no Van Gundy, no Otis,

He was booed in Orlando, hard not to notice.

As a guy and a player Avery Bradley's a dream,

Off the bench or starting, wants to help his team.

On D, Bradley at point, Rondo at the two,

Only 5th time Ray off the bench, hope he's not blue.

4:00 left in Q1 in came Ray,

On Rip Hamilton, just like back in the day.

Each call Pierce doesn't get, it's interesting to see,

How on the next play The Truth makes a three!

Two great defensive teams, not so easy to score,

To start Q2 the Cs are up 4.

Now quick forward is Ray, he's on Deng, Deng on Ray,

Early 3rd foul on Stiemsma means Hollins to play.

Apologies to Jack Black, love Bradley's Tenacious D,

Plus the improvement in his offense Cs are thrilled to see.

Cs are using the mismatches, the Bulls seem out of sync,

The crowd's quiet and restless, don't know what to think.

Keeping Bulls' score low, Cs up 11 start Q3.

Bulls came out aggressive. Did Bass hurt his knee?

Foolish play and 4 Cs turnovers to start Q3,

Walking the ball up, too slow, then a tech on KG.

Cs standing around--jumpers--forgot what to do,

Bulls got their first lead since it was 4 to 2.

Pierce came in, tried to get things going,

Bulls had to play no D as the Cs game was slowing.

Cs 11 point lead's gone, Bulls up 1 start Q4,

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, we need him to score.

8:06 left, Bulls' largest lead, 5,

Cs must regain composure if they're to survive.

Marquis Daniels didn't play but he was there,

Mouthing the words appropriately to "Livin' on a Prayer."

Ray's three was a two, he's still doing his part,

Still solid, from the bench or with the start.

With the Bulls defense the Cs could not hang,

Bulls win, all we can say is Luol Deng...Dang.

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